Thursday, 5 May 2016

Bank Holiday Gardening

Bank holidays don't really mean much to our family. We're an NHS family, and we don't get Bank Holidays off; my husband was working so Monday felt pretty much like an ordinary day, except the Wee One had no nursery. 

I often struggle to find things to do when schools are off. Soft play is always super busy, as are places like the Science Centre, and the weather was pretty rubbish (typically for a Bank Holiday) and we don't have much money at the moment to go places and do stuff. 

Since my dad did a lot of work in our garden last year, I've been wanting to add some colour to it. So once hubby shipped off to work, the Wee One and I headed off to B&Q for some pots and soil. 

I got 4 plastic pots, 2 bags of soil and a new watering can! My dad had given us a packet of poppy seeds and I bought some mixed wild flower seeds too. 

We've had this grey pot in the garden for years so we filled that up too and planted some seeds in it. 

Thankfully we got all our planting done before the rain and hail started! Hopefully we'll have a good bloom of flowers and maybe it will encourage some bees and butterfly's to visit the garden. 

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