Monday, 30 May 2016

28 Weeks Pregnant: What do we actually need?

That's us reached 28 weeks and I still feel really quite laid back about the whole thing. At this stage last time I was obsessively reading baby books with the week-by-week progress charts etc. But this time round I haven't even lifted a book. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 

Anyway, I have been thinking lately about what we actually need to buy for the baby. The answer seems to be not much. I have to confess: I am a bit of a hoarder, (I also refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money for new stuff) so this means I have kept almost everything from when the Wee One was a baby. I refuse to throw anything that may be of use at a later date out, which means our loft is full of STUFF. 

Stuff we kept: 

Pram and car seat: I see absolutely no reason to buy a new one, since the one we had for the Wee One is still in perfectly good shape and is black and silver, so hasn't gone out of style. 

Sling: I have a lovely Close sling (I think it's a Caboo) which sadly I only used once with the Wee One (on a train journey in to town to the one and only PR event I've ever been to). I really want to do more baby-wearing this time, so I'm so glad I kept this. 

Cot: The Wee One's cot is currently dismantled and stored in our cupboard. Only thing it needs is a new mattress. 

Changing Bag: I have a plain black changing bag. It's not fancy, it certainly wasn't expensive, but it's still in great condition. I had considered buying myself a new one, but then I found this one in our cupboard. 

Bouncy chair: we kept the bouncy chair that the Wee One had (again, cos i can't throw anything out) and I'm glad we did. It's a cosy one which vibrates if needed and all we'll need to do is wash the cover. 

Clothes: lots and lots of baby clothes. Our loft is full of vacuum bags full of the Wee One's clothes that I kept. Nearer the time I'll get these down and sort out what we will keep and what's not needed. 

Stuff we had last time that I'll not buy this time:

Changing table: as good an idea as it was, our changing table was very rarely used just became a dumping ground for other stuff. We gave ours away to my brother in law, and won't be asking for it back! 

Baby bath: although we used our baby bath, the Wee One outgrew it really quickly. And what's the point in having one when we have the big bath/sink to bathe the baby in. 

Baby monitor: I dunno about baby monitors. We had one before, but it wasn't great, and it made me slightly paranoid about every little noise. Our house is small; I can hear the Wee One snoring from the bottom of the stairs, so it feels kinda unnecessary to have one when I can hear what's going on without one. 

Stuff we've had to buy: 

Moses Basket: the Moses basket we had for the Wee One was a loaner from a colleague of mine. We gave it back when the Wee One outgrew it and we found out my colleagues daughter was expecting again. So we bought one from Aldi this year in their Baby Event. It's gorgeous and only cost us £40 (Told you I don't like spending a lot of money). 

Stuff we might need:

Bottles/Steriliser: I plan to breastfeed again, but you never know, this baby might not be able to. 

Dummies: although I don't really like dummies, and we were really lucky with the Wee One (she didn't like them, or bottles for that matter) we may have to introduce the dummy at some point (though I hope not). 

So that's really all I can think of just now. What else do you think we need?

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