Saturday, 9 April 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant: Nothing Fits!

I am now 21 weeks along, and things seem to be going well. We had our scan on Monday and the baby was misbehaving. It was upside down and hiding it's face, the wee scoundrel! So that meant we didn't get a clear picture, but the sonographer saw all she needed to, and the baby seems to be progressing nicely. The sonographer even put a wee message to the Wee One on the scan picture for her. 

We didn't find out the sex, we weren't intending to, and sonographer nearly let it slip as we were leaving! It wouldn't have been a big deal if she did, but we don't really mind if it's a boy or a girl and we kind of like the idea of a wee surprise. 

I've been feeling fine, just really tired mostly. I've got over my dairylea and toast obsession, and haven't really got any cravings. I'm just eating loads and putting on lots of weight. (Hubby has lost 2.5 stone doing Slimming World. I'm not jealous. Not jealous at all.) So none of my clothes fit. I have a few pairs of maternity leggings and tops which I'm living in, and I've inherited some of hubby's jumpers and T-shirts. My work uniform is getting pretty tight, but I don't see the point in asking for a maternity uniform because by the time it comes I'll be on maternity leave!! (I'm still waiting for the one I asked for when I was pregnant with the Wee One!) 

My biggest problem at the moment is in the boob department. None of my bras fit. Not even the maternity ones I had in my last pregnancy. It's so uncomfortable, and restrictive and it's making my boobs hurt. So my mission this is to find a really decent, comfortable, well fitting maternity bra. If anyone has any recommendations, give me a shout! 

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