Sunday, 24 April 2016

23 Weeks Pregnant.

I can handle the seemingly constant tiredness. 

I can handle working my 12 hour shifts and coming home with feet so achey they feel like they're burning with every step. 

I can handle being 2 stone heavier than I was pre-pregnancy (might be more, I've stopped looking). 

I can handle having nothing to wear, and living in leggings and my husband's massive Gap sweater. 

I can handle having sore boobs because every bra I own is too small, making me look like I have a UniBoob. 

I can handle having an achey back.

I can handle being most uncomfortable in the evenings when I want to relax on the sofa and I can't. 

I can handle having to pee every two minutes because it seems the baby is tap dancing on my bladder. 

What I CAN'T handle, is this endless state of erratic emotions. Bursting into tears at the most inappropriate of moments. A nice comment at work, an advert on the tv, and most recently a floor routine from the gymnastics I was watching on YouTube. 

I'm sure I wasn't like this during my first pregnancy. It comes out of absolutely nowhere. Watching tv, middle of the football, at playgroup. 

Tell me it gets better, yeah? 

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A visit to Five Sisters Zoo

A few weeks ago, my friend got some free tickets to the Five Sisters Zoo, and invited us to come along with her and her 2 boys during the Spring Holidays. We finally set a date, and went last Wednesday. 

It was a very rainy day, so wellies and raincoats were a must. We had 2 very excited 4 year olds and a not very fussed nearly 2 year old crammed into the back of my car. Who knew I could fit 3 car seats into my Fiesta?

Off we set, all the way to West Calder. It's not somewhere I've ever visited before, so thank goodness for the Maps app on my phone! We got there just in time for opening, so we could spend the majority of the day there. 

I didn't know much about Five Sisters Zoo, especially that there had been a fire there in 2013 in which a lot of animals died. There's a lovely memorial at the entrance when you go in. 

There was a lot to see outdoors, birds, bears, meerkats, Arctic wolves, wallabies, big monkeys, little monkeys, and all sorts of animals. But it was FREEZING! Somehow the kids don't seem to feel the cold, but my friend and I most certainly did! 

We had packed a picnic lunch, but since it was very wet, the picnic tables were not an option. Thankfully there was a big bubble-like sort of tent where we could eat! 

The kids don't look too impressed at having to stop for lunch! 

After a bit more exploring, we were very thankful to find there was an indoor area, which housed snakes, spiders, cockroaches (ew), crocodiles and alligators! Which meant it was lovely and warm. 

Our warmth didn't last long however, because despite all the interesting animals there were to see, the kids were only interested in one thing: the play area. Yep, despite it pouring with rain and every bit of equipment being soaking wet, the kids just wanted to play there. 

Doing their best Big Cat impressions! 

After a coffee to heat is adults up, it was time to go home. It was a lovely day out, despite the weather and I think we'd like to go back and visit on a better weather day. 

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 9 April 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant: Nothing Fits!

I am now 21 weeks along, and things seem to be going well. We had our scan on Monday and the baby was misbehaving. It was upside down and hiding it's face, the wee scoundrel! So that meant we didn't get a clear picture, but the sonographer saw all she needed to, and the baby seems to be progressing nicely. The sonographer even put a wee message to the Wee One on the scan picture for her. 

We didn't find out the sex, we weren't intending to, and sonographer nearly let it slip as we were leaving! It wouldn't have been a big deal if she did, but we don't really mind if it's a boy or a girl and we kind of like the idea of a wee surprise. 

I've been feeling fine, just really tired mostly. I've got over my dairylea and toast obsession, and haven't really got any cravings. I'm just eating loads and putting on lots of weight. (Hubby has lost 2.5 stone doing Slimming World. I'm not jealous. Not jealous at all.) So none of my clothes fit. I have a few pairs of maternity leggings and tops which I'm living in, and I've inherited some of hubby's jumpers and T-shirts. My work uniform is getting pretty tight, but I don't see the point in asking for a maternity uniform because by the time it comes I'll be on maternity leave!! (I'm still waiting for the one I asked for when I was pregnant with the Wee One!) 

My biggest problem at the moment is in the boob department. None of my bras fit. Not even the maternity ones I had in my last pregnancy. It's so uncomfortable, and restrictive and it's making my boobs hurt. So my mission this is to find a really decent, comfortable, well fitting maternity bra. If anyone has any recommendations, give me a shout! 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Park(s)

The weather approaching the school Easter holidays has been really disappointing here. It poured all day Friday, and it's been overcast and showery all day today. Thankfully the weather at the start of the week was marginally better, and the Wee One got out for some much needed fresh air and a run about.

We are lucky to live a 2 minute walk away from a swing park. It's not the best by any means; it's got 2 swings, 2 slides, a rusty old rocket (which my husband remembers playing on when he was a little boy) a sort of obstacle course thing, and what we call the igloo, which is really just a climbing frame. 

It's such an open, green space. Great for having a run around (when it's dry) and there are some (old, rusty) goal posts for playing football. There's also a fenced off area which I think used to be tennis and basketball courts, but they lie in total disrepair. It's sad, but the play area is always empty when we go, bar a few dog walkers making their way into the trail. It's just so... bare. There's just so much more they could do with the space, and I don't mean for houses! 

Not that I am by any means a qualified park planner (is that a thing?) but even if they took away the old goal posts and put in new ones, took away the old rusty equipment and added some more up to date stuff, and reinstated the tennis/basketball courts, then maybe it would be more well used. 

I don't know if I'm just being nostalgic, but parks used to be so much fun when I was younger. My favourite was the roundabout, spinning round and round until you really couldn't walk straight. Now, play parks just look kind of sad and abandoned. I really wish the council would invest just a wee bit of money in the outdoor play areas. 

Anyway, if we don't go to the big park, we go to the little park at the end of our street. We can actually see our house from it, so it's very handy. It may be tiny, but the Wee one likes it.

It literally only consists of a climbing frame and a rocking horse thingy. 

But if it means the Wee One can monkey around, then she's happy!


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