Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Out To Play

Now that the lighter nights are coming in and the drier weather is just around the corner, there's more time for kids to get out doors and play.

The Wee One is desperate to be outside, either playing on her scooter or bike. She is also desperate to be outside playing with the other kids. I really want to be able to let her out to play, BUT the kids she wants to play with are all much older. Even if I try to get her to just play in our back garden, she's adamant she wants to play out the front because she's seen the older kids and wants to join in.

It's fine when either me or husband are free to supervise her, but when we've just come home from nursery, there's dinner to prepare and stuff to be done. Being told she can't go out to play usually ends up in a tantrum.

There's no kids on our street, or that play on our street, that are under 8. The Wee One is still only 4. She doesn't understand that they're older kids, who are bigger, rougher, a bit more savvy, and who probably don't want to hang around with a 4 year old. Plus, I hate to be a bit judgey, but there are a couple of kids who I just don't want her to play with. One of them is very rough with the Wee One and is basically just a horrible Wee girl - her attitude is horrible for someone so young. We let the WeE One play out one day on the condition that she stays outside our house, between the two lampposts on either side of our neighbours house. Basically where we could see her from the window. But, one of the older kids led her away and before we knew it she was away up the street and round the corner. I've never seen my husband run so fast in all my life!

I hate to tell her no, but I still think she's a wee bit too young to be out playing by herself.

At what age do you let the kids out to play unsupervised?

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