Sunday, 6 March 2016

Day Trip to Dunfermline

Dunfermline is a lovely town, and it holds a special place in my heart, for that is where my mother was born and brought up. Even though she moved away when she was 16 to do her nursing training, it was where my grandparents continued to stay. The Glen was always to be visited, and my grandparents took us there regularly whenever we visited.

Now that my grandparents are both gone, it's strange to be in the town and not be able to go and visit gran. However, as my mum had to be in the town for a meeting, I took the opportunity to have a day down the Glen with the Wee One.

The Glen is famous for its squirrels and they certainly weren't shy! We counted 12 of them following folk about, waiting for nuts!

When my sister and I were small, the Glen had a petting zoo area, with rabbits, birds and I think I even remember snakes. That's no longer there, but the glasshouses are still open and there are some beautiful flowers. Plus it was nice to go in for a heat, considering it was about 2 degrees!

And there's always room for some Goldfish!

We spent many Easter weekends through in Dunfermline, and our tradition was always to go up the Glen after church to roll our eggs. It was a competition to see whose egg remained the most intact after the most rolls. Somehow, my grandad was always the winner...

I think my favourite part of the Glen is the Japanese gardens. There's a lovely little waterfall and a pagoda type thing, and it's just so nice and peaceful. I could sit there all day, but the Wee One had other ideas!

I don't remember there being swings at the Glen when I was little, except for ones down near the gate and the bottom end, and a few rope swings on the trees (which my dad fell off one time and went roly-pollying down the hill!!). Now they have a great adventure park area, which the wee one loved!

I think we saw every inch of the Glen this time. Climbing on rocks, exploring 

We spent rather a long time in the Glen, and before we knew it, it was time to go and pick up my mum. It may be a while before we're back in Dunfermline, and hopefully next time it will be a lot warmer!

But before we left, what's a day out without an ice cream!!


  1. The Glen looks like a fab place to visit with little ones :-) #countrykids

  2. The Glen seems to be the perfect place to spend a spare couple of hours in Dunfermline, there's so much to see and do there! It's great that you you got to show the Wee One somewhere that you have so many memories so you could make more with her. That adventure park looks fab, I bet you were wishing they had that when you were younger. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Wow the place looks like Disneyland from a distance! And its so fairy tale like in there. So lovely to vsit with the kids! #countrykids


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