Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fun in the Kitchen - Easter Nests

I am not into baking. I actually quite enjoy watching shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules and Great British Bake off, but do not ask me to do it. Things like dough, or sponges are just too far beyond me. Baking to me is a mixture of maths and chemistry, and if I don't understand it, I don't enjoy it. Dinner, I can do, but basic stuff, like throwing all the ingredients into the slow cooker or the classics of spag bol or lasagne! My husband is most definitely the cook in the family. 

I like easy stuff. Stuff that doesn't involve complicated recipes and hundreds of ingredients. So with Easter just around the corner, I thought I'd try making some Easter Nests with the Wee One. My mum makes these with her a lot, and my gran used to make them when we were little (and not so little!!). 

So all we need is:
a packet of cornflakes (Aldi's own brand are great) 
a 500g bar of chocolate (again, Aldi's own brand stuff is lovely - I am not sponsored by them, honestly!!)
An handful of raisins (optional)
Mini eggs to decorate 

Simple right? Melt the chocolate, crush the cornflakes into the chocolate, add in your raisins, mix. 

So simple even the Wee One can do it. 
Then we just spooned the mixture into our paper cases. The Wee One had the important job of putting the eggs in the nest... 

... and the even more important job of licking the spoon! 

And there we have it. Simple Easter Nests that even I, the most bakery-challenged person in the world, can make. 

They look quite tasty I must say: 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Finished Project: Garter Rib Baby Blankey

Continuing the baby blanket knitting spree I seem to be on at the moment, here's another finished project. 

I call this one the Ice Cream blanket, because for some reason the yarn I chose reminds me of ice cream! Strange, I know. 

I used the Garter Rib Baby Blanket pattern from Ravelry. If you want to have a look, the pattern is here

Friday, 18 March 2016

Easter Cards

The Wee One and I spent a rather cloudy, dull morning this week making little Easter cards. 

I can't remember where I saw it, but someone on Twitter posted card ideas with little Easter chicks on them, with the bodies of the chicks made from finger prints! So we thought we'd give it a go: 

The paints we have a washable finger paints, so the yellow didn't come out as bright as I wanted. Maybe next time we'll go for poster paints instead. The Wee One loves to get messy so finger painting is definitely up her street. 

We just used a black marker to add in the detail of beaks, eyes and feet. 

As for the multicoloured fingerprints, (because the Wee One was not content to use just one colour) we made them in to Easter Eggs! 

We can't wait to send them out to the family. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016

17 Weeks Pregnant: The Midwife Says I'm Normal...

... SO much she doesn't know!! Ha!

But seriously, according to the the midwife, I'm sailing through the pregnancy so far. She has no concerns, and neither do I.

To be honest, I had a great pregnancy with the Wee One, and I'm feeling exactly the same as I did with her. I feel a bit bad because a few of my friends are having horrible pregnancies, with lots of sickness, split pelvises and hospital admissions. But hopefully I'll continue as I'm going just now.

The nausea is still there, but I've not really been sick at all. Sometimes I'll walk into the kitchen and a rogue food smell will give me the boak, but thankfully that's all. Health wise I've been fairly fine, although we were all loaded with the cold for a week, and the Wee One had a day off nursery with a sickness bug. Thankfully she kept it to herself and didn't share with the rest of the family!

I'm still eating SO much. I'm waiting for my appetite to calm itself but I'm afraid that may never happen and I will end up the size of a house! I had to buy much bigger pyjamas and the biggest pants known to man in order to be comfortable. 

Thats not even a baby bump, it's just greediness!

The Wee One still seems fine with the idea of having a sibling. Although every times someone asks her if she wants a brother or a sister, she replies "maybe a bit of both". Not gonna happen pal!

Work has been interesting these last few weeks. I'm constantly being told off for moving heavy boxes or trying to do too much, and my colleagues are great, they're looking out for me. We've had a patient who went for a scan that required radioactive dye, and so I had to avoid her for a day while she was still radioactive and I'm still having to avoid being sent down to the X-Ray department!

Being part time has really helped this time round. I was full time when I was expecting the Wee One, and it was exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I'm still shattered this time writing. I'm in my bed and sleeping for 10pm most nights. Come 9pm I just feel so overwhelmingly tired and I have to lie down. I'm hoping that will pass soon too.

Now we're just waiting for our 20 week scan in April. We're not desperate to find out the sex of the baby. At the end of the day, as long as it's a healthy baby, and it's not blatantly obvious on the scan, then we'll wait to find out. After all, once you know, you can't change it!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Out To Play

Now that the lighter nights are coming in and the drier weather is just around the corner, there's more time for kids to get out doors and play.

The Wee One is desperate to be outside, either playing on her scooter or bike. She is also desperate to be outside playing with the other kids. I really want to be able to let her out to play, BUT the kids she wants to play with are all much older. Even if I try to get her to just play in our back garden, she's adamant she wants to play out the front because she's seen the older kids and wants to join in.

It's fine when either me or husband are free to supervise her, but when we've just come home from nursery, there's dinner to prepare and stuff to be done. Being told she can't go out to play usually ends up in a tantrum.

There's no kids on our street, or that play on our street, that are under 8. The Wee One is still only 4. She doesn't understand that they're older kids, who are bigger, rougher, a bit more savvy, and who probably don't want to hang around with a 4 year old. Plus, I hate to be a bit judgey, but there are a couple of kids who I just don't want her to play with. One of them is very rough with the Wee One and is basically just a horrible Wee girl - her attitude is horrible for someone so young. We let the WeE One play out one day on the condition that she stays outside our house, between the two lampposts on either side of our neighbours house. Basically where we could see her from the window. But, one of the older kids led her away and before we knew it she was away up the street and round the corner. I've never seen my husband run so fast in all my life!

I hate to tell her no, but I still think she's a wee bit too young to be out playing by herself.

At what age do you let the kids out to play unsupervised?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Day Trip to Dunfermline

Dunfermline is a lovely town, and it holds a special place in my heart, for that is where my mother was born and brought up. Even though she moved away when she was 16 to do her nursing training, it was where my grandparents continued to stay. The Glen was always to be visited, and my grandparents took us there regularly whenever we visited.

Now that my grandparents are both gone, it's strange to be in the town and not be able to go and visit gran. However, as my mum had to be in the town for a meeting, I took the opportunity to have a day down the Glen with the Wee One.

The Glen is famous for its squirrels and they certainly weren't shy! We counted 12 of them following folk about, waiting for nuts!

When my sister and I were small, the Glen had a petting zoo area, with rabbits, birds and I think I even remember snakes. That's no longer there, but the glasshouses are still open and there are some beautiful flowers. Plus it was nice to go in for a heat, considering it was about 2 degrees!

And there's always room for some Goldfish!

We spent many Easter weekends through in Dunfermline, and our tradition was always to go up the Glen after church to roll our eggs. It was a competition to see whose egg remained the most intact after the most rolls. Somehow, my grandad was always the winner...

I think my favourite part of the Glen is the Japanese gardens. There's a lovely little waterfall and a pagoda type thing, and it's just so nice and peaceful. I could sit there all day, but the Wee One had other ideas!

I don't remember there being swings at the Glen when I was little, except for ones down near the gate and the bottom end, and a few rope swings on the trees (which my dad fell off one time and went roly-pollying down the hill!!). Now they have a great adventure park area, which the wee one loved!

I think we saw every inch of the Glen this time. Climbing on rocks, exploring 

We spent rather a long time in the Glen, and before we knew it, it was time to go and pick up my mum. It may be a while before we're back in Dunfermline, and hopefully next time it will be a lot warmer!

But before we left, what's a day out without an ice cream!!


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