Wednesday, 17 February 2016

First Trimester Weight Gain

Since I found out I am pregnant, I have been very aware that I've put on A LOT of weight. Way more than the suggested 5lbs they tell you you will gain. I am well over a stone heavier.

I know what my problem is though: I eat too much. It's not that I'm even hungry half the time, it's that food is there and I eat it just because I can. Share size packet of crisps? I'll demolish it. Toast and Dairylea (OMG it's so good), I'll have 2 slices just because I'm bored and it's there.

My other problem is, my husband is doing Slimming World.  And he's doing VERY well. He's lost just shy of 2 stone since the start of the year, and is showing no signs of slowing down. He looks great, and is eating so well. The meals he makes now are delicious, and healthy and I really should be benefiting from this, but I just can't help myself with eating all the crap in between!  I see how well he's doing, and realise I'm not going to be losing any weight any time soon, and it gets me down a little.

I don't even look pregnant yet, I just look fat and chubby. By no means was I skinny before I got pregnant, (my BMI was already 30 pre-pregnancy) but I really don't want to end up even heavier after the baby's here.  I was 14 stone after I'd gave birth to the Wee One, and it took me two years to lose two stone.

If I could curb the constant grazing/eating for the sake of it, then I'm sure I'd feel better. I'm hoping this is just a first trimester thing and that I'll kinda grow out of it as the pregnancy continues. Until then, if you need me, I'll be raiding the fridge.

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