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An Autumn Walk in the Woods

One of my favourite things to do before the Wee One came along was to take a walk in the heritage trail that is a stones throw from our house. It's one of the most beautiful, peaceful walks I know, and is gorgeous in all weathers, but absolutely stunning in autumn. 

I've not been down there since the Wee One was born, mostly because it's inaccessible with a pram and there's bumps, steps and terrain that you just can't navigate with a buggy. But now that the Wee One is that wee bit older, we took a stroll down there this week. 

It was pretty chilly, so hats and coats kind of weather. 

Parts of the trail look over quite a steep drop, so naturally my daredevil child had to climb up to look over. 

The leaves on the tree are still quite green from a distance. 

Our primary aim for this walk to collect interesting leaves and sticks to make an autumnal picture. We took our very pretty tree print canvas bag (made by Tickled Pink Crafts - she's awesome, follow her on Twitter, @T1ckledP1nk) and set about collecting lots of interesting leaves. These spotty ones were my favourite. 

The leaves have made carpet, covering the pathway (and subsequently masking some very muddy, boggy dips in the path that we got stuck in!!)

After an hour or so of wandering, it was time to head home, get warm and start out autumn craft. 

Not a bad effort I must say! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I love autumn. The weather turns colder, the leaves turn all sorts of beautiful colours and the world just looks so pretty. It's also a good excuse for digging out wooly hats and scarves, getting wrapped up warm and going for a walk. 

And that's what we did today. The Wee One and I got our cosy clothes, hats and boots on and went out for a walk to one of my favourite places. It's hard to beeline that it's only a five second walk from our house. Five seconds away from a housing estate and you feel like you're in the middle of a magical, enchanted forest. 

We picked up interesting twigs and leaves to make an autumn picture when we got home. 

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