Thursday, 18 September 2014

Referendum Day

Unless you've been living underground, with no tv, social media etc, you'll all be completely aware that today is Referendum Day. The day where us Scottish People decide on our future; continue to be part of the United Kingdom, or go it alone and become and independent nation. It's been hard to escape any mention of it. The referendum has been the top story on every news bulletin for the past few months. Social media is awash with various people opinions and the amount of leaflets piling through my letterbox urging a yes or no vote has been astonishing. 

Yet, I'm sitting on my break at work, still completely undecided. My heart says one thing, my head says another. I'm full of "what ifs". And to be honest, I'm quite scared. Scared of going it alone, becoming independent and all the upheaval it may cause. Scared of staying in the union and things never getting better. 

For all the campaigning, the leaflets, watching the tv debates etc, I still feel completely uninformed. Perhaps I would have liked someone from each side to sit down with me in my living room, one on one and say "here's what will happen". 

I'm worried. Worried about stupid things, things that in the event of an independent Scotland will probably work themselves out. Like who will regulate us nurses? The NMC does it at the moment, for the whole of the UK. Will scotland have their own version? Seems silly to worry about that, but these are the things I think noones looked in to. 

What's bothered me most about the campaigns running up to the referendum is the bitching back and forth. People being berated for posting their opinion, or divulging their vote, comments being misconstrued and the casual racism that's slowly but surely creeping around. I've muted a lot of discussions on Facebook because of it. But then what happens on Friday, when the result is revealed one way or another. Will we go back to being a harmonious nation? Or will there be protests, outrage and unrest. 

Who knows. 

I can't vote until after work. If the polling stations had opened at 6am I would have been the first there, to get it over and done with and I wouldn't be sitting her still humming and hawing. I will probably still be undecided until I'm physically in the voting booth, with the pen in my hand. 

Whatever the outcome, I hope it's what is best for Scotland. 

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