Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Gallery: A Younger Me

Looking back at photos of me from my teenage years, I absolutely refuse to post any of them. They are awful. Those years are BGHDS - Before GHD Straighteners. My hair was wild. I have naturally curly hair, but I have never embraced it, and have always tried to wear it straight. 

So I decided to go for the cute factor. 

My hair was SO RED. It still is right enough, but it's darkened down a wee bit now that I'm older. 

But my favourite photo of a slightly uou her me is this:

Pluto and I. I am 22 in this photo. 
I have been embracing my inner child since 1983, and I'm not about to change anytime soon. 


  1. oh how fab that you met pluto!! .. i would love to hug him! :-)

  2. Inner child makes us stay sane in this crazy world really! Nice fun photos. The cute factors worked well =) #TheGallery

  3. Great pics. Cute factor good choice!


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