Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Gallery: My View Right Now

Its lunch time. I'm six hours into my shift and six hours and fifteen minutes away from my annual leave. Not that I'm counting. It's busy. More than busy. It's hectic. My feet ache, my knee is a little swollen, my back hurts. And this is my view:

Not exactly picturesque, but it sure is quiet. This is the "staff room". Technically it's a small kitchen with a couple of plastic chairs. Not exactly a haven away from the madness of the ward, but peaceful enough to have my lunch. 

Tomorrow my view will be much better than this. Tomorrow my view will be my family. 


  1. I have never understood why staff rooms are often so bland and lacking in comfort. Staff need time to relax so they can be at their best when on duty. So many places don't seem to get that at all. Glad you found some quiet time though


  2. Hope you have a good day today and it's still a nice view x

  3. Awww I wish it does look quiet in there so I can imagine everyone outside busy. Have fun with your annual leave =) #TheGallery


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