Friday, 13 June 2014

Weight loss: the first six weeks

Six weeks ago, I was working night shift, sitting on my break, looking at the crisps, biscuits, and toast my colleagues had made.  So tempting, and so easy to just pick away at. It was there and then I went on to the computer and signed up for Weight Watchers. 

Since having the Wee One, I hadn't really made any effort to lose the baby weight. I was quite enjoying eating what I wanted. Of an evening,The Husband and I would eat a share-size pack of crisps each, and our portion sizes were ridiculous. There was really no excuse for it, other than greed and laziness. Exercise was also non-existent, other than the occasional walk round the park. 

However, I was not enjoying squeezing into my jeans, being annoyed when a dress doesn't fit, and generally being miserable about my weight. The Husband was starting to feel the same. He wants to fit into his kilt for my sister's wedding, and a new suit for my friends wedding. He is super determined and this inspired me too.  I am bridesmaid for both weddings, and to be truly honest, I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid! 

I have never been able to lose weight on my own. I need structure. To be told how much or how little to eat. Weight Watchers was the easy option as I had done it before, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't get my head round the likes of Slimming World, or Scottish Slimmers. (Maybe WW have brainwashed me!!) Plus, I could do it all online, which suits as I couldn't really commit to a meeting due to my shift pattern. The Husband isn't following WW, but he is eating much better and doing a shed load of exercise. He's even been doing that Insanity with Shawn T. Insane just about covers it! I'm sticking to the Wii Fit and the Biggest Loser for the Wii. That's just about my level! I'm not eating much different, I'm just eating less and eating smarter. I love fruit and I'm filling up on apples, grapes and melon (all 0 points!), and salads are my go to, night shift food.

So, to the interesting bit: the numbers. I didn't think to measure myself six weeks ago. I didn't think I would end up blogging about weight loss to be honest, but I have my measurements from when I got measured for my bridesmaids dresses. So these measurements are circa September/October. 

Bust: 38 inches
Waist 33 inches
Hips/biggest bit of my belly: 43 inches

Weight 6 weeks ago: 12st 4lbs

I also never thought to take a "before" photo. I'm also not in the habit of taking photos of myself (I reserve most of my camera space for the Wee One), so here's the most recent photo I have of myself which isn't just from the neck up:

(That's me on the far right, red hair, specs, black and red dress).

And now, six weeks on, my measurements are:

Bust: 37 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Biggest bit of my belly: 40 inches

Weight: 11st 6lbs 

I'm quite proud of that. I've had some blips, been over my points (see post re Afternoon tea!) and I still have a complete obsession with Tuc biscuits (they're just so addictive!!). My goal is to be under 11 stone for the weddings. I honestly can't remember ever being 10 stone something. When I joined WW the first time, I was 18 years old and 13 and a half stone. So I've been heavy for a long time. I think I was at my lightest when I fell pregnant, and it was just over 11 stone. I don't think I'll post an "after" photo until I'm at my goal.

It's six weeks until my friends wedding. I've lost 12lbs in six weeks already. Fingers crossed I can keep it up and lose another 12. 

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