Sunday, 29 June 2014

Potty Training, Hand Washing and Cleaning with Dettol

We are well into our toilet training adventure with the Wee One. There are now minimal accidents, only two in the last week; both in the house, and both because she was so distracted playing that she never told us she needed to go. 

Pooing in the potty is a big thing now too. It's quite sweet that she gets so excited that she squeals "I do a poo poo, come and look!" each time. However, the novelty of looking at poo does wear off after a while...

Out and about she is great at letting us know if she needs to go. I swear we have visited every public toilet in East Kilbride and beyond! Sometimes I think she says she needs to go, just so she can check out the toilets (she gets that trick from her daddy!). It's like an obsession! She doesn't like hand dryers though, they are noisy and scary! (On that note, why don't public toilets give you the option to use paper towels anymore? I know the hand dryers are eco-friendly and all that, but I'm sick of having to use toilet paper to dry the Wee One's hands! Alcohol gel has been a godsend.)

Trying to explain why you need to wash your hands after using the toilet to a two year old can be quite frustrating:

"Wash your hands now" 
"Because they're dirty now you've touched the toilet" 
"Because there's bacteria in pee and poo"
"What's that?"

And so it goes on! But she loves to wash her hands. It's a new obsession. Any excuse to wash her hands. Now, you don't need to tell me about the importance of hand washing. Being a nurse, I wash my hands for a living! The Wee One is quite happy to hold her hands under the running water, but man, trying to get her to use the soap has been a struggle.  The lovely people from Dettol sent us this awesome No Touch Antibacterial Soap dispenser to try out:

It's pretty nifty!! You just hold your hand under the sticky outy bit (technical term!), the sensor sees your hand, and boom, it dispenses just enough soap to wash your hands with. Perfect.
The Wee One loves it. She asks to use the magic soap each time! It means she doesn't have to struggle to push a pump down, or contend with a bar of soap. She just sticks her hand underneath, and ta dah! Soap. Lovely, great-smelling soap. The Wee One has a pretty good hand washing technique. She's not quite up to nursing standards yet, but we'll get there!

Just don't do what I did, and leave it too near pots, pans and general kitchen clutter, because the sensor does not know what's hands and what's not, and it's will dispense soap onto anything that passes the sensor. I had a few soapy pots and tumblers...

I've always used Dettol disinfectant. It's got that distinctive, old fashioned-clean kind of smell. I used to work with an old auxiliary nurse on night shift, who at 1am every night, would get out a mop and bucket, fill it with Dettol disinfectant, and mop the ward corridors. That smell just evokes feelings of cleanliness to me.  We have also been sent some disinfectant spray to use, which I was feeling a bit meh about using, because I just love the old fashioned disinfectant so much. But we gave it a go, and I have to say, it's been pretty good on things like the counter tops in the kitchen, and for the likes of the Wee One's mucky high chair. 


It's not got that signature Dettol smell that I love so much, but it's quick,and easy, it saves you from having to fill the sink and dilute the disinfectant, and it actually smells really fresh. It's great for freshening up the floor tiles after the Wee One's had a accident too.  But what I've used it the most for has been cleaning the potty. After I've emptied the potty, I usually just gave it a wee rinse and let it steep in disinfectant overnight. But now I give it a rinse, then give it a spray and clean with the surface cleanser. Much easier and much more time efficient. 

So that's where we're at on our toilet training journey. We just need to work on using the loud, scary hand dryers and we'll be sorted!

This is a sponsored post, and the lovely folks at Dettol sent us these products to review, but all opinions are my own.

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