Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Playgroup Picnic

That's the Wee One been at playgroup for a whole year. Well, a whole school year at least. It's been great having a place to go to every Monday morning, come rain or shine, knowing she's going to have a nice time. I was worried when we first started going as she just like to play on her own, but she's certainly started to come out of her shell the past few months. It feels like it's been a very quick year This week was the final session of the year and to celebrate they had a Teddy Bear's Picnic. 

We took along Danny Bear:

Danny Bear is a Build-a-Bear who was given to the Wee One by friends of my parents. He sleeps with her every night and rarely gets a chance to come out into the real world, so it was a real treat for him! 

There were all the usual toys and fun stuff like the bouncy castle and the parachute

Monday was a gorgeous day, with the sun splitting the sky, so there were outdoor games too, like fishing for plastic balls...

...and all sorts of (non competitive) races. Daddy helped with potato and spoon race  

... if only just to get a sweetie as a prize! 

And coming in last doesn't matter as long as you're having fun!

After the outdoor fun, it was back indoors and out of the heat (so warm!). It was time for a seat and our picnic. 

Though Danny Bear was hogging all the food!

Playgroup has definitely been a good thing for the Wee One. Not only has she opened up and became less shy, shes started playing with other kids more, and is learning to share. We have one more year of playgroup before she goes to nursery (Nursery! Time is going so fast!). Hopefully it will be as fun filled a year as the last. 

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