Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hen Day Afternoon Tea

My big sister gets married in seven weeks. Seven short weeks. I can't quite believe it, it seems to have slowly crept up on as and now, BAM, it's only seven weeks away. 

As chief bridesmaid (I'm rejecting the title Matron of Honor, I'm too young to be a Matron!), I took it upon myself to organise the hen do. When I got married, I managed to avoid a hen do. I'm not into wild nights, and certainly not strippers, pink sashes and all that comes with traditional hen parties. My work colleagues threw me a small party at one of their flats (where I fell off a kitchen stool and my tail bone has never been the same since) and I took my bridesmaids, mum, and MIL out for dinner but that was the extent of it. 

Now, I don't like big loud hen parties, but my sister likes them even less. She hates to be the centre of attention, so lord knows what she'll be like on her actual wedding day, when all eyes will be on her. But, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to get the girls all together and mark the fact that she's getting married. 

I decided an afternoon tea would be perfect; quiet, civilised, and there would be cake. Lots of cake. Not exactly good for my weight loss (more on that in another post), but tasty none the less. Also a very rare chance for me to be out somewhere without the wee one! 

When I told my sister, she wasn't too happy. She didn't want to do anything at all, but she came round to it eventually. 

We went last Saturday. Miserable, torrentially raining Saturday. Thank goodness we chose to do something indoors. I had booked The Tea Rooms at the Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow. We had been there last year for afternoon tea and it was lovely then too. The Tea Rooms are set in a old terraced building, that was most probably Victorian houses way back in the day. You walk into a hallway and there are stairs immediately in front of you and a room to your left, which looks like an old reception room. All the way up the stairs are lots of pictures that could have come straight out of Hogwarts! I could totally imagine a family living there with their servants. 

We had a room to ourselves, and as there were only ten of us, it meant we could all sit and chat. What I love about the Tea Rooms is their mismatched crockery. It's all dainty china, but all the patterns are mix and match. But their cake, oh the cake: 


I had also made little favours for all the girls. I ordered these gorgeous bags from Not On The high Street, and filled them with face masks, nail files, lip balms and a little pack of sweeties.  Things to be used in the run up to the wedding I suppose.

It was a lovely afternoon, we had the room for a couple of hours, and we took our time. 


Not the best picture of my sister (furthest right in this picture, she also hates getting her photo taken) but she and my mum are having a good laugh about something! I'm glad that it was also something my mum could come to. 

As we were leaving, into the pouring rain, outside the Tea Rooms were two fire engines!I definitely didn't arrange that, but it was a nice bonus. It was a great afternoon, and I think my sister, reluctantly, enjoyed herself too! 

Now it's all about the run up to the wedding! Not long now. 

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