Sunday, 29 June 2014

Potty Training, Hand Washing and Cleaning with Dettol

We are well into our toilet training adventure with the Wee One. There are now minimal accidents, only two in the last week; both in the house, and both because she was so distracted playing that she never told us she needed to go. 

Pooing in the potty is a big thing now too. It's quite sweet that she gets so excited that she squeals "I do a poo poo, come and look!" each time. However, the novelty of looking at poo does wear off after a while...

Out and about she is great at letting us know if she needs to go. I swear we have visited every public toilet in East Kilbride and beyond! Sometimes I think she says she needs to go, just so she can check out the toilets (she gets that trick from her daddy!). It's like an obsession! She doesn't like hand dryers though, they are noisy and scary! (On that note, why don't public toilets give you the option to use paper towels anymore? I know the hand dryers are eco-friendly and all that, but I'm sick of having to use toilet paper to dry the Wee One's hands! Alcohol gel has been a godsend.)

Trying to explain why you need to wash your hands after using the toilet to a two year old can be quite frustrating:

"Wash your hands now" 
"Because they're dirty now you've touched the toilet" 
"Because there's bacteria in pee and poo"
"What's that?"

And so it goes on! But she loves to wash her hands. It's a new obsession. Any excuse to wash her hands. Now, you don't need to tell me about the importance of hand washing. Being a nurse, I wash my hands for a living! The Wee One is quite happy to hold her hands under the running water, but man, trying to get her to use the soap has been a struggle.  The lovely people from Dettol sent us this awesome No Touch Antibacterial Soap dispenser to try out:

It's pretty nifty!! You just hold your hand under the sticky outy bit (technical term!), the sensor sees your hand, and boom, it dispenses just enough soap to wash your hands with. Perfect.
The Wee One loves it. She asks to use the magic soap each time! It means she doesn't have to struggle to push a pump down, or contend with a bar of soap. She just sticks her hand underneath, and ta dah! Soap. Lovely, great-smelling soap. The Wee One has a pretty good hand washing technique. She's not quite up to nursing standards yet, but we'll get there!

Just don't do what I did, and leave it too near pots, pans and general kitchen clutter, because the sensor does not know what's hands and what's not, and it's will dispense soap onto anything that passes the sensor. I had a few soapy pots and tumblers...

I've always used Dettol disinfectant. It's got that distinctive, old fashioned-clean kind of smell. I used to work with an old auxiliary nurse on night shift, who at 1am every night, would get out a mop and bucket, fill it with Dettol disinfectant, and mop the ward corridors. That smell just evokes feelings of cleanliness to me.  We have also been sent some disinfectant spray to use, which I was feeling a bit meh about using, because I just love the old fashioned disinfectant so much. But we gave it a go, and I have to say, it's been pretty good on things like the counter tops in the kitchen, and for the likes of the Wee One's mucky high chair. 


It's not got that signature Dettol smell that I love so much, but it's quick,and easy, it saves you from having to fill the sink and dilute the disinfectant, and it actually smells really fresh. It's great for freshening up the floor tiles after the Wee One's had a accident too.  But what I've used it the most for has been cleaning the potty. After I've emptied the potty, I usually just gave it a wee rinse and let it steep in disinfectant overnight. But now I give it a rinse, then give it a spray and clean with the surface cleanser. Much easier and much more time efficient. 

So that's where we're at on our toilet training journey. We just need to work on using the loud, scary hand dryers and we'll be sorted!

This is a sponsored post, and the lovely folks at Dettol sent us these products to review, but all opinions are my own.

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 28 June 2014

In the Garden

The weather has been so lovely the last couple of weeks here in Scotland. Sadly between my 12 hour shifts and the Husbands early shifts, we've not been able to get out much and really enjoy it as a family. 

When Husband said he was going to cut the grass the other day, the Wee One and I joined him outside. The Wee One loves the garden. She loves watering the plants

We made daisy chains 

And we helped daddy dig the flower bed and sweep the path 

Long may the dry weather continue!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Weight Loss: Week 8

This weeks weigh in has taken me past the stone mark. One stone and three quarters of a pound to be precise! Or 14 3/4lbs. Whatever way you say it, it's weight I sure as hell ain't gonna be putting back on any time soon, that's for sure!

I'm feeling fairly good. I'm not hungry, I'm eating lots of fruit and veg, and I'm not depriving myself of treats or nice food. However, I do find I am tired. So so tired. All the damn time. I cannot keep my eyes open, and I have to have a nap every now and then. I can't even work up the energy to do any exercise, even though that would probably give me energy!  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm perhaps a little vitamin or iron deficient. Thing is, getting a doctors appointment just to get bloods taken etc is awfully tricky and a bit of a pain in the neck to be honest, and it would feel a little like a waste of their time. So I'm thinking of taking a multivitamin, just to top me up a little, while I look at ways of getting more of the good stuff into my diet. 

Husband is also doing really well, he's lost 18lbs so far. He's not feeling as tired I am, in fact I think he's got more energy since losing weight. 

And so to the vital statistics. Two weeks ago I was 11st 6lbs and measured:

Bust: 37 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Biggest bit of my belly: 40 inches

This week I am:

11st 3 1/4lbs and measure:

Bust: 37 inches 
Waist: 30 1/4 inches
Biggest bit of my belly: 38 1/2 inches

I'm really pleased with this. I feel the difference in my clothes; even my size 14s are feeling slightly loose. However I refuse to buy new clothes until I'm happy with my size. My bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding was tight when I got it, but when I tried it on this morning, it was loose and will now probably need taken in a wee bit. 

All I need to do now is work on the flabby bits. A combination of breastfeeding and now dieting has made my boobs really saggy, and my belly is really flabby. Not a good look. So lots of toning required. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sunny Days

Being night shift on what's been the sunniest, hottest week of the year so far really has been quite cruel. Watching everyone set up their barbequeues and relaxing in the sunshine as I was leaving for work really just was not fair. Also unfair was that Husband was back shift, and neither of us have been able to enjoy the sun or make the most of the good weather with the Wee One. 

Although Husband was working this morning too, and the weather today was definitely not as warm and much cloudier than during the week, we headed to the football pitches this afternoon for a run around with the Wee One and her football. 

Who says girls can't like football? Certainly one woman I overheard in the toy shop the other day, when she was asked by who I think was her mother, if her daughter would like a ball, answered "eh, no, she's a GIRL". I felt like saying, "and what?" The Wee One LOVES her football. Not a day goes by where she doesn't beg her daddy to play football in the garden or the house with her. 

Give this girl a football and she'll be happy all day. 

This obviously makes daddy happy! But I love a good kick about too. I also love that it tires her out (or at least it's supposed to) and I suppose it's setting her up for an exercise activity that she enjoys. But then, what toddler doesn't love running wild in a big open space?

You know what else toddlers love and that we're absolutely made for sunny days? 

Ice cream. 

And bubbles. Obvs. 

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Playgroup Picnic

That's the Wee One been at playgroup for a whole year. Well, a whole school year at least. It's been great having a place to go to every Monday morning, come rain or shine, knowing she's going to have a nice time. I was worried when we first started going as she just like to play on her own, but she's certainly started to come out of her shell the past few months. It feels like it's been a very quick year This week was the final session of the year and to celebrate they had a Teddy Bear's Picnic. 

We took along Danny Bear:

Danny Bear is a Build-a-Bear who was given to the Wee One by friends of my parents. He sleeps with her every night and rarely gets a chance to come out into the real world, so it was a real treat for him! 

There were all the usual toys and fun stuff like the bouncy castle and the parachute

Monday was a gorgeous day, with the sun splitting the sky, so there were outdoor games too, like fishing for plastic balls...

...and all sorts of (non competitive) races. Daddy helped with potato and spoon race  

... if only just to get a sweetie as a prize! 

And coming in last doesn't matter as long as you're having fun!

After the outdoor fun, it was back indoors and out of the heat (so warm!). It was time for a seat and our picnic. 

Though Danny Bear was hogging all the food!

Playgroup has definitely been a good thing for the Wee One. Not only has she opened up and became less shy, shes started playing with other kids more, and is learning to share. We have one more year of playgroup before she goes to nursery (Nursery! Time is going so fast!). Hopefully it will be as fun filled a year as the last. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014

Weight loss: the first six weeks

Six weeks ago, I was working night shift, sitting on my break, looking at the crisps, biscuits, and toast my colleagues had made.  So tempting, and so easy to just pick away at. It was there and then I went on to the computer and signed up for Weight Watchers. 

Since having the Wee One, I hadn't really made any effort to lose the baby weight. I was quite enjoying eating what I wanted. Of an evening,The Husband and I would eat a share-size pack of crisps each, and our portion sizes were ridiculous. There was really no excuse for it, other than greed and laziness. Exercise was also non-existent, other than the occasional walk round the park. 

However, I was not enjoying squeezing into my jeans, being annoyed when a dress doesn't fit, and generally being miserable about my weight. The Husband was starting to feel the same. He wants to fit into his kilt for my sister's wedding, and a new suit for my friends wedding. He is super determined and this inspired me too.  I am bridesmaid for both weddings, and to be truly honest, I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid! 

I have never been able to lose weight on my own. I need structure. To be told how much or how little to eat. Weight Watchers was the easy option as I had done it before, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't get my head round the likes of Slimming World, or Scottish Slimmers. (Maybe WW have brainwashed me!!) Plus, I could do it all online, which suits as I couldn't really commit to a meeting due to my shift pattern. The Husband isn't following WW, but he is eating much better and doing a shed load of exercise. He's even been doing that Insanity with Shawn T. Insane just about covers it! I'm sticking to the Wii Fit and the Biggest Loser for the Wii. That's just about my level! I'm not eating much different, I'm just eating less and eating smarter. I love fruit and I'm filling up on apples, grapes and melon (all 0 points!), and salads are my go to, night shift food.

So, to the interesting bit: the numbers. I didn't think to measure myself six weeks ago. I didn't think I would end up blogging about weight loss to be honest, but I have my measurements from when I got measured for my bridesmaids dresses. So these measurements are circa September/October. 

Bust: 38 inches
Waist 33 inches
Hips/biggest bit of my belly: 43 inches

Weight 6 weeks ago: 12st 4lbs

I also never thought to take a "before" photo. I'm also not in the habit of taking photos of myself (I reserve most of my camera space for the Wee One), so here's the most recent photo I have of myself which isn't just from the neck up:

(That's me on the far right, red hair, specs, black and red dress).

And now, six weeks on, my measurements are:

Bust: 37 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Biggest bit of my belly: 40 inches

Weight: 11st 6lbs 

I'm quite proud of that. I've had some blips, been over my points (see post re Afternoon tea!) and I still have a complete obsession with Tuc biscuits (they're just so addictive!!). My goal is to be under 11 stone for the weddings. I honestly can't remember ever being 10 stone something. When I joined WW the first time, I was 18 years old and 13 and a half stone. So I've been heavy for a long time. I think I was at my lightest when I fell pregnant, and it was just over 11 stone. I don't think I'll post an "after" photo until I'm at my goal.

It's six weeks until my friends wedding. I've lost 12lbs in six weeks already. Fingers crossed I can keep it up and lose another 12. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hen Day Afternoon Tea

My big sister gets married in seven weeks. Seven short weeks. I can't quite believe it, it seems to have slowly crept up on as and now, BAM, it's only seven weeks away. 

As chief bridesmaid (I'm rejecting the title Matron of Honor, I'm too young to be a Matron!), I took it upon myself to organise the hen do. When I got married, I managed to avoid a hen do. I'm not into wild nights, and certainly not strippers, pink sashes and all that comes with traditional hen parties. My work colleagues threw me a small party at one of their flats (where I fell off a kitchen stool and my tail bone has never been the same since) and I took my bridesmaids, mum, and MIL out for dinner but that was the extent of it. 

Now, I don't like big loud hen parties, but my sister likes them even less. She hates to be the centre of attention, so lord knows what she'll be like on her actual wedding day, when all eyes will be on her. But, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to get the girls all together and mark the fact that she's getting married. 

I decided an afternoon tea would be perfect; quiet, civilised, and there would be cake. Lots of cake. Not exactly good for my weight loss (more on that in another post), but tasty none the less. Also a very rare chance for me to be out somewhere without the wee one! 

When I told my sister, she wasn't too happy. She didn't want to do anything at all, but she came round to it eventually. 

We went last Saturday. Miserable, torrentially raining Saturday. Thank goodness we chose to do something indoors. I had booked The Tea Rooms at the Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow. We had been there last year for afternoon tea and it was lovely then too. The Tea Rooms are set in a old terraced building, that was most probably Victorian houses way back in the day. You walk into a hallway and there are stairs immediately in front of you and a room to your left, which looks like an old reception room. All the way up the stairs are lots of pictures that could have come straight out of Hogwarts! I could totally imagine a family living there with their servants. 

We had a room to ourselves, and as there were only ten of us, it meant we could all sit and chat. What I love about the Tea Rooms is their mismatched crockery. It's all dainty china, but all the patterns are mix and match. But their cake, oh the cake: 


I had also made little favours for all the girls. I ordered these gorgeous bags from Not On The high Street, and filled them with face masks, nail files, lip balms and a little pack of sweeties.  Things to be used in the run up to the wedding I suppose.

It was a lovely afternoon, we had the room for a couple of hours, and we took our time. 


Not the best picture of my sister (furthest right in this picture, she also hates getting her photo taken) but she and my mum are having a good laugh about something! I'm glad that it was also something my mum could come to. 

As we were leaving, into the pouring rain, outside the Tea Rooms were two fire engines!I definitely didn't arrange that, but it was a nice bonus. It was a great afternoon, and I think my sister, reluctantly, enjoyed herself too! 

Now it's all about the run up to the wedding! Not long now. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday, 1 June 2014


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