Tuesday, 13 May 2014

We've All Gone Potty

My washing line is full of teeny tiny little pants. 

It's not that I'm over sharing; we have started toilet training the wee one. 

We've had the potty for well over a year. It's been a constant in our living room for around a year now, mostly being used as a chair for Dave the Minion. 

The wee one had been showing absolutely zero interest in using the potty. We would suggest using the big girl toilet and it would be met with a total strop and "I don't wannnnnt a big girl toilettttt". 

Until this past week. On Monday after I took her nappy off in the morning, the wee one automatically sat on the potty. Ooh, we were on to something. So we kept her nappy off in the house, and encouraged her to use the potty. And she did! We had a couple off accidents, or a she calls is "I spilled!", but mostly the pee pee ended up in the potty. We started a reward chart: a smiley face for each pee pee that makes it to the potty. For every 5 smiley faces she'll get a wee treat, either a lolly or a chocolate (our dentist will love us). 

It seems to be working so far. On Friday, we ventured out to the shopping centre for the first time without a nappy on. Big girl (Peppa Pig) pants all the way and armed with at least three changes of clothes. We didn't have one accident going around the shops. We even managed to sit in the coffee shop for a while. I did take her to the toilet in the coffee shop, just to see if she needed to go. I had bought a portable kids toilet seat, which fits on to a normal toilet seat, and folds nicely to fit in your bag.  But she didn't need and had a little strop about using the big toilet. I stupidly thought we'd make it round Tesco too, but we had one wee accident in the car park. Thank goodness for the changes of clothes! 

So far, she has mastered using the potty in the house. She hasn't quite got the hang of letting us know when she needs to go but I'm sure that will come. At playgroup yesterday I just kept taking her through to the toilet (where they keep a potty!) to avoid any accidents, and we were quite successful. Just one accident.  

A week has gone by, and her chart really is filling up.  We just have to work on getting the poo in the potty...

My husband and I really are winging it when it comes to potty training. We haven't read any books, or taken any advice, other than "stick with it". And that's just what we are going to do. 

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