Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Toilet Training: A Slight Setback

We were doing so well. We had a reward chart, and the wee one was peeing on the potty every time, earning a smiley face and getting a treat. 
Even at the shops, the supermarket, other people's houses, she would ask to go to the toilet. We would go out, have no accidents, and come home in the clothes we went out in. We had cracked it! 

Then we stopped the reward chart. And it all kind of went pear shaped. She still asks to go to the toilet when we are out and about, sometimes just to have an excuse to wash her hands, or play with the hand dryers. 

But in the house? Forget it.

I feel like our house should be sponsored by Vanish Carpet Cleaner. She just won't  use the potty in the house. She's too busy playing, or watching telly, or generally just being stubborn. 

So today marks the day when the reward chart is reinstated. It worked so well at the start, so it should work well again. At least, that's the plan. 


  1. Sometimes there are set backs and they do ask to go to the toilet all the time as it's exciting for them. But reward charts are a long term thing. There will still be accidents but hopefully you'll crack it again. It takes time and toilet training I find is that hardest thing to do x

    1. Thanks Susan. We brought back the reward chart yesterday, and today we had no accidents, 8 smiley faces in the reward book and she was as good as gold for her gran. Rewards chart definitely work!x


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