Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Toilet Training: A Slight Setback

We were doing so well. We had a reward chart, and the wee one was peeing on the potty every time, earning a smiley face and getting a treat. 
Even at the shops, the supermarket, other people's houses, she would ask to go to the toilet. We would go out, have no accidents, and come home in the clothes we went out in. We had cracked it! 

Then we stopped the reward chart. And it all kind of went pear shaped. She still asks to go to the toilet when we are out and about, sometimes just to have an excuse to wash her hands, or play with the hand dryers. 

But in the house? Forget it.

I feel like our house should be sponsored by Vanish Carpet Cleaner. She just won't  use the potty in the house. She's too busy playing, or watching telly, or generally just being stubborn. 

So today marks the day when the reward chart is reinstated. It worked so well at the start, so it should work well again. At least, that's the plan. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

We've All Gone Potty

My washing line is full of teeny tiny little pants. 

It's not that I'm over sharing; we have started toilet training the wee one. 

We've had the potty for well over a year. It's been a constant in our living room for around a year now, mostly being used as a chair for Dave the Minion. 

The wee one had been showing absolutely zero interest in using the potty. We would suggest using the big girl toilet and it would be met with a total strop and "I don't wannnnnt a big girl toilettttt". 

Until this past week. On Monday after I took her nappy off in the morning, the wee one automatically sat on the potty. Ooh, we were on to something. So we kept her nappy off in the house, and encouraged her to use the potty. And she did! We had a couple off accidents, or a she calls is "I spilled!", but mostly the pee pee ended up in the potty. We started a reward chart: a smiley face for each pee pee that makes it to the potty. For every 5 smiley faces she'll get a wee treat, either a lolly or a chocolate (our dentist will love us). 

It seems to be working so far. On Friday, we ventured out to the shopping centre for the first time without a nappy on. Big girl (Peppa Pig) pants all the way and armed with at least three changes of clothes. We didn't have one accident going around the shops. We even managed to sit in the coffee shop for a while. I did take her to the toilet in the coffee shop, just to see if she needed to go. I had bought a portable kids toilet seat, which fits on to a normal toilet seat, and folds nicely to fit in your bag.  But she didn't need and had a little strop about using the big toilet. I stupidly thought we'd make it round Tesco too, but we had one wee accident in the car park. Thank goodness for the changes of clothes! 

So far, she has mastered using the potty in the house. She hasn't quite got the hang of letting us know when she needs to go but I'm sure that will come. At playgroup yesterday I just kept taking her through to the toilet (where they keep a potty!) to avoid any accidents, and we were quite successful. Just one accident.  

A week has gone by, and her chart really is filling up.  We just have to work on getting the poo in the potty...

My husband and I really are winging it when it comes to potty training. We haven't read any books, or taken any advice, other than "stick with it". And that's just what we are going to do. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monday, 5 May 2014

Family time.

Family time really is rare in our house. Between my 12 hour shifts and my husbands back shift/early shift patterns we very rarely get a full day or weekend to spend together with the wee one.  Being able to spend time together as a family is really important to me, as often if feels like we are just ships passing in the night. So both of us having annual leave this past week has been wonderful.

We decided we would definitely make a point of going to Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. It's somewhere different, neither of us had been before, and it meant we could go and visit my gran in Dunfermline on the way home. 

We picked the most beautiful day to go. The sun was splitting the sky and it was really warm for a change. The drive through was lovely and it didn't take us too long to find. I knew it was down by the River Forth but I didn't quite realise how close to the bridge it actually was! 

There are so many interesting fish and creatures to see, but this one definitely is my favourite. I imagine his name is Earl and has an American accent similar to Mater from Cars! And those are his teeth! 

We went down in to the under water walkway, where there's lots of gorgeous fish, but also scary sharks! The wee one wasn't impressed with this bit, as it was quite frightening, but amazing that all these sharks are just right beside you. 

Outside is the seal area where seals, Heather and Morag live. We watched them get checked over for any injuries, bumps or bruises and have their dinner. The strong smell of fish would knock you out though! 


The wee one enjoyed getting up close with some poisonous frogs! 

And we even managed to fit in a family selfie!

On our way to see my gran, we stopped off at Pittencreiff Park, or The Glen as we've always called it. When my sister and I were little, we would always come to the glen with our parents and gran and grandad. It's where we rolled our Easter eggs, saw the peacocks and rabbits, and it's even where my dad fell off a tree swing and went roly-polying down a hill. (The "seat" part of the swing snapped, he was fine, my dad just can't resist a swing, even now he's in his 60s. He's such a big kid!). The Glen was a big part of our childhood, and I'm glad I can take my husband and the wee one there. 

Of course, the wee one takes after her grandad and can't resist a swing. 

It is a gorgeous place, and the lovely weather just enhanced it's beauty. My husband took a gorgeous panoramic photo. 

And all the blossom trees were out in full bloom. 

It was hard wrestling the wee one away from the park, especially on such a beautiful day, but I wanted to go visit my gran. I don't get to see her much, as we live an hour away, but I always try and take the wee one to visit her. The wee one is very lucky to have two great-grans still living, and I want her to have lovely memories of them. My gran has dementia, and lives in a nursing home now. Her short term memory is poor, but she knows and always remembers the wee one. This is definitely one of my favourite photos of the two of them. 

The rest of our week was spent doing the usual chores, tidying and shopping. Hubby managed to squeeze a round of golf in with my dad, while my mum, the wee one and I visited Cafe Ceramico. I even managed to leave my phone at home for a couple of days, and felt all the better for it. I was able to concentrate my attention fully on my family.  I've really loved our week off. To get up and go to to bed at the same time as each other felt good, and spend all our time with the wee one felt even better. Hopefully we won't have to wait for another week of annual leave to have some more quality family time. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014


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