Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Gallery: Easter

I've already blogged about the fun we've had over the Easter Weekend, but I had to join in on this weeks The Gallery. 

For the first time in about 20 years we went egg rolling. Every Easter, we used to go with my grandparents and roll our eggs in the Glen through in their town. We would paint them the night before and have a competition to see whose egg would last the longest before breaking. My Grandad's would always last the longest. Then after he passed away, the tradition kind of ended. 

So this year, we decided to resurrect (pardon the pun!) the tradition again with the wee one. My husband and I decorated the eggs the night before, and met my sister and her fiancé at the park. We got so many great shots of the egg rolling, but these are my favourites:


  1. This looks like such a fun Easter tradition! I love your eggs too!

  2. we have never tried egg rolling (or egg decorating!) , looks fab xx

  3. Egg rolling!! Superb. There is cheese rolling too isnt there? I think we should do "Blogger Rolling" one year and see who can get down the hill the fastest?

    You in next year?

  4. These eggs look fab. I've never heard of egg rolling, but how lovely that you've brought back a family tradition of old. x

    <a href=">dear beautiful</a>

  5. What a lovely family tradition and it looks like sooo much fun! :-)

  6. Steven's eggs were fab. Looks like a lot of fun x

  7. Oh I LOVE the minion! So doing that next year. Being an Englishwoman in Scotland I don't understand the whole egg rolling thing at all - despite the fact that all my neighbours were doing it and the girls went off back to school on Monday (didn't get that bit either) armed with eggs. Glad to see it's not just here it happens though!


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