Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I really suck at pancakes

The wee one loves pancakes. She gets the regularly at her granny's house, and asks for them constantly. So last week I decided to try and make some with her from scratch.  

I've never been able to make good pancakes. When I asked my mum how she mags such nice pancakes, she admitted to using ready made mix!! Tut tut Mum! 

So I resorted to a wee Internet search to find the easiest recipe. 

Eggs, flour, butter, milk, sugar. Can't go wrong right?

Mix together: 

Make mess (best bit about baking!):

Pour mix into frying pan:

A bit misshapen and definitely not the pancakes I imagined. They were thin and pale and just, well not quite what I was expecting.

They tasted not bad though. 

Does anyone have some good pancake tips, recipes or ideas?


  1. Very nice too...the only person in our house who can make them and flip them is The Boy, so in his absence, we have to buy ready made ones from the supermarket...

  2. If they tasted good then that's all that matters! Here is my post on pancakes but I'd say you've got it covered!


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