Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A New Bookcase

For a long time I've moaned about how many books the wee one has scattered about the house. At one point, I was sure they were breeding. We had boxes full:

And they never stayed in the box for long, and books would go missing, often finding them under the wee ones bed, 

Or generally strewn across her floor

I hummed and hawed over buying a Tidy Books bookcase. I'd heard great things about them. They looked fantastic; different to a normal bookcase, a great way to save space, organise the books, and keep them all in one place. But they were so expensive! At Christmas I felt I couldn't justify the expense, so I pushed the idea out my head. However, over the last few weeks it was really beginning to annoy me, books everywhere, books going missing, etc so I bit the bullet and just ordered one. 

And it is possibly the best thing since, well, ordinary book cases. It's gorgeous:

And who would think all these books would fit inside?

Is it weird that I have a system for the books? Big books at the stop, bible stories on the second shelf, little books on the third shelf, and Scottish books on the bottom. 

I love how slim the bookcase is, and how all the books face forwards so you can see which books to pick. It attaches to the wall too, so it won't fall over or tip. 

Safe to say, I think the wee one likes it too:

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this bookcase and loved it, so blogged about it. 


  1. We're chuffed that you and the wee one is chuffed. Thanks for a lovely and very spontaneous review!

  2. We have this book case it's great x


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