Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our favourite children's stories

With it being World Book Day (in the UK at least) I though we'd share our top five children's books that are most popular with the wee one. 

1. The Gruffalo In Scots and The Gruffalo's Wean by Julia Donaldson and Alex Sheffler (translated by James Robertson. 

The wee one asks for the "Gluffalo" every single night without fail. We have started alternating between Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's Wean to give us a bit of a break. You cant beat a canny wee moose outsmarting the muckle great Gruffalo! We love these stories, especially because they're written in Scots, because it's introduced old words that are rarely used in our day to day language. (Although I seem to use "braw" a lot more these days... Thanks Gruffalo!)

2. Little Mouse by Alison Murray

This was one of the first books we got from the Health Visitor in our Bookbug bag. It's about a little girl who is more like a little mouse than she thinks. The wee one loves the part where the little girls squeaks and tries to pass it off as a hiccup! 

3. The Mr Men series 

I always try to introduce books from my childhood to the wee one (though Milly Molly Mandy stories are going straight to the charity shop. They are awful.) The Mr men are timeless and remind me of story times with my dad, who would regularly change the words to see if you were paying attention. The wee one enjoys them all, but I think Mr Noisy is her favourite as he BANGs the door as he opens it and CRASHes the door as he closes it! 

4. Bible stories 

Without fail, whenever I ask the wee one which stories she would like, she always asks for a bible story. Sometimes we have to read half of her children's Bible before she falls asleep, which is funny because her daddy is my very religious and it's always him she requests to read them! She got a few of these Bible Friends books when she was dedicated (christened) and I just love the illustrations in them. They tell each bible story in a really simple way and are very sweet. 

5. Katie Morag Island Stories by Mairi Hedderwick 

I love the Katie Morag stories. Not only because they are Scottish stories from my childhood, but because they are really sweet indeed. Katie Morag isn't the perfect child, she's naughty and gets into trouble but she's got good intentions. The wee one loves the illustrations which are so detailed we see new things each time we read them. Plus there's one illustration that shows Mrs McColl breastfeeding, which I think is really cool. 

What are your favourite children's stories?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A New Bookcase

For a long time I've moaned about how many books the wee one has scattered about the house. At one point, I was sure they were breeding. We had boxes full:

And they never stayed in the box for long, and books would go missing, often finding them under the wee ones bed, 

Or generally strewn across her floor

I hummed and hawed over buying a Tidy Books bookcase. I'd heard great things about them. They looked fantastic; different to a normal bookcase, a great way to save space, organise the books, and keep them all in one place. But they were so expensive! At Christmas I felt I couldn't justify the expense, so I pushed the idea out my head. However, over the last few weeks it was really beginning to annoy me, books everywhere, books going missing, etc so I bit the bullet and just ordered one. 

And it is possibly the best thing since, well, ordinary book cases. It's gorgeous:

And who would think all these books would fit inside?

Is it weird that I have a system for the books? Big books at the stop, bible stories on the second shelf, little books on the third shelf, and Scottish books on the bottom. 

I love how slim the bookcase is, and how all the books face forwards so you can see which books to pick. It attaches to the wall too, so it won't fall over or tip. 

Safe to say, I think the wee one likes it too:

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this bookcase and loved it, so blogged about it. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I really suck at pancakes

The wee one loves pancakes. She gets the regularly at her granny's house, and asks for them constantly. So last week I decided to try and make some with her from scratch.  

I've never been able to make good pancakes. When I asked my mum how she mags such nice pancakes, she admitted to using ready made mix!! Tut tut Mum! 

So I resorted to a wee Internet search to find the easiest recipe. 

Eggs, flour, butter, milk, sugar. Can't go wrong right?

Mix together: 

Make mess (best bit about baking!):

Pour mix into frying pan:

A bit misshapen and definitely not the pancakes I imagined. They were thin and pale and just, well not quite what I was expecting.

They tasted not bad though. 

Does anyone have some good pancake tips, recipes or ideas?


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