Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The lost weekend.

I am never ill. I hate it. Really hate being sick or unwell or anything. And for a nurse I really am the worst patient ever. But when I got home from work on Friday morning after my nightshift, I really felt awful. I will spare you the gory details,  but I was ILL. 

I've been suffering from sinusitis for a week or so, and I can deal with that, but whatever hit me on Friday hit me hard. In my near eight years of nursing, I've never picked up anything from any patients. I think I have a mixture of great hand hygiene and a fabulous immune system. But when I woke up on Friday I just felt awful. I got up, relieved my mum of her babysitting duties and just couldn't keep my eyes open. Couldn't eat, could barely drink, could just about lift my head. When hubby came home from work I went straight back to bed. What happened between that time and waking up about 3pm on Saturday afternoon is a bit fuzzy. I do know there was an episode of projectile vomiting (ugh. Sorry).  

Thank goodness for hubby, as I don't think I could have looked after the wee one in the state I was in. 

I thought I was feeling better on Sunday morning, and braved going to church, but by the afternoon I was so tired I was back in bed again. I felt so bad, as this was one of my very few weekends off, and we had planned to spend it together as a family, and here I was stuck in bed. 

Needless to say hubby didn't mind. But I've literally achieved nothing all weekend. All the blog posts I thought I would get done, all the knitting I would finish and the movies we would watch are still on the back burner. 

I'm feeling better now, and hopefully whatever hit me has left (for good!!). I'm still just annoyed I've lost my only weekend off!!

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