Saturday, 18 January 2014

What a difference a year makes

The wee one turned two this week. Can you believe it? I can't. I can't believe that a whole year has passed since we celebrated her first birthday. She's changed so much.

A year ago she could say a few words: nana, pease, my bag, mine etc. Now we get full sentences and can hold conversations with her, even if they mostly consist of telling her to get down from whatever she's climbed into and her replying with a drawn out "alright". She has become a total parrot, nothing you say gets past her, so you have to really watch what you say, and who you're talking about!! The favourite phrases at the moment are "thank you very much indeeeeeed" and "put the cartoons on daddy pleeeeease".

She started going to playgroup one day a week, which has been great for her to learn how to socialise. She still prefers to mostly play on her own, but she hasbegun  joining in with activities with other kids. We registered her for nursery today too, which is a frightening but she won't be going til April next year. 

We have embraced the big girl bed, and the wee one seems to have settled in it very well. She's rolled out once or twice, but she sleeps mostly all night. Naps have been non existent in our house since she was six months old, but sometimes I wish she did nap, so I could get things done, but alas, no. 

The wee one's grown a lot in the last year, physically and mentally. She's shot up like a sunflower, meaning's growing out of her clothes very quickly. Thank goodness for places like Asda for affordable clothing! She's quite the tomboy at times, and loves muddy puddles (I blame Peppa!) and climbing on everything and anything.

Like I said earlier, nothing gets past her, and she's quite perceptive. She understands when someone is hurt or upset and will come and ask in her cute voice "you ok?".

I suppose it's quite normal for 2 year olds to be quite cheeky, and she is no exception. Cheek should be her middle name! Phones and iPads are not safe around this child; she became master of the selfie this year: 

We didn't have a party or anything for her birthday. We visited family, then headed out for a meal just the three of us. 

I can't wait to see what exciting thingsthe next year holds for her. Happy birthday little darling x

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