Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Gallery: New

With Christmas just past, and the wee ones second birthday approaching this week, there are lots of new things happening in our house. The wee one is always picking up new phrases, the latest of which is "thank you very much indeeeeeed" and putting "how about..." at the start of any sentence. We have to be very careful about what why say in front of her, because she is just a little parrot and you just know she'll say something horrendously inappropriate at the wrong time (like the time she shoved her hand down my top in church and yelled "boobies" in the middle of the service). 

Christmas brought lots of new toys to play with. Our house is now over run with toys, so much so we need another toy box to house them all. These are just four of her new toys: Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Dave the Minion (though I think Daddy enjoys playing with him more), some Mickey figures and a Doc McStuffins chair. We really are a Disney family.

She also got a gorgeous new bike for Christmas, and we finally got a dry day and the opportunity to take it out for a spin last week. 

But also in the last fortnight, the wee one has moved into her new, big girl, not-a-cot bed. It still seems like just yesterday that we moved her from her Moses basket into her cot, it's hard to believe that she is old enough for a proper bed. It's fair to say she loves it, and she just won't go to bed without Danny Bear and Baby. 

The wee one turns two on Sunday. She's learning new things all the time. Everyday really is a school day for her at the moment. We are looking forward to all the new milestones she'll experience over the next few months. 


  1. Lots of exciting new things happening! I love her bed, how cute. I had to laugh at the 'boobies' comment too, they always know how to embarrass you don't they!

  2. What a lot of new things! i love the new bike and the new bed.

  3. Congratulations on her graduation in to her new big bed - looks fab!


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