Monday, 13 January 2014

Sleep is for bed.

A few months ago, we bought the wee ones first proper bed in preparation for the transition from cot to bed. Initially, we were going to wait until her second birthday and held off for a while.  I can't believe we've reached the point where she's too big for the cot.  It seems like only yesterday we were putting her to sleep in her Moses basket! Time goes far too quickly for my liking.

As she was using her cot mostly as a climbing frame-come-trampoline, we introduced her bed a bit earlier. We waited until I was on annual leave from work, just in case and so that no one was going to work suffering from lack of sleep. My husband and his stepdad built it up last Saturday, and Sunday night was her first night trying it out. 

We opted for a plain white toddler bed, as anything bigger would leave no room in her bedroom for anything else. It has little sides at the top, that can come off when she's a liltle more used to it. We had bought a nice bright duvet cover with elephants on it, and I must say it looked very inviting. 

Her first night, we didn't change any of the routine at all. It's still bath, Jammies, a cup of milk, stories then sleepy time. After a few stories she got tucked in, and she insisted that Baby and Danny Bear be tucked in too. 

The first night was up and down, and I mean that literally. She was in the bed, out the bed, at the top, down the bottom, under the covers, over the covers, for about 3 hours. When she finally went to sleep, she rolled out after an hour. We put the old cot mattress and the side of the bed to soften the fall. She rolled out three times overnight but managed to stay asleep twice and just needed tucked back in. But then she woke up properly, in a right tantrum and ended up in bed with mummy and daddy. Not ideal when Daddy was working at 6am, but anything for a few hours sleep! 

The second night, she rolled out once and woke up a couple of times, but stayed in her own bed. I still woke up a few times thinking I'd heard her roll out, but when I checked on her she was still snoring away. 

By the third night, she was used to it, and slept right through. 

She's been in the big bed a week now, and she still wakes up occasionally but hasnt rolled out again. She seems to favour the top of the bed and sleeps almost horizontally across the bed, but she's comfortable enough. Poor Danny bear and Baby end up out of bed, or squashed, but without them she won't settle. 

We've lost that element of safety that the cot had too.  Before, when she was in the cot, we knew that she wouldn't get out and climb down the stairs, but now she's in her bedshe can get up and wander along the landing. The top stair gate is now in full use, and though she doesn't tend to come out of her room without shouting first, I'm still paranoid about remembering to keep it closed. Remembering to close the bathroom and spare bedroom door is now part of our bedtime routine too. We keep our door open, so we can listten out for her.  Thankfully she hasn't wandered into our room in the middle of the night... Yet! 

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