Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Terrible Two: this is just the start isn't it?

Whenever other parents ask me how old the wee one is, something odd happens. They smile a wry smile, nod their head and say "Ah yes. Two". And that appears to be the end of the conversation. It's like they know something I don't, and they aren't about to divulge. 

Now I know why. 

When the wee one turned two, it was like someone flipped a switch. My usually chilled out toddler turned into a monster. Don't get me wrong, she's still a happy little girl but some things have totally changed:

1. The word "no" induces tantrums of epic proportions. The face crumples, the tears start, the snot runs and the volume increases. She has also figured out that if mummy and daddy say no, Grandad will say most definitely yes. So now we have to try and train my dad to say no too (though he certainly didn't have any problems saying it when I was wee...). We have to distract her by suggesting something else, and diffuse the situation that way. 

2. Everything is "I Want". I think my gran had a saying, "I want doesn't get". She also used to say "the greetin wean aye wins". Both equally true, but it's so hard not to give in when there's a tantrum on. She has also mastered the sarcastic "pleeeeease" and the big eyed sad face that works ever so well. 

3. She wants to walk everywhere. Which is great, but in a busy shopping centre on a Saturday is not ideal. Once she's out of that pram, there's no going back, and it's hard to push a pram and stop a toddler grabbing everything off the shop shelves at the same time.  I may have to just start ditching the pram and employing the reigns more often. 

4. She will not eat dinner. I cannot get her to eat dinner, or really a meal of any kind. She will snack, but the minute we sit down to a meal she wants a yogurt. The yogurt will be half eaten then she's totally disinterested in anything. Cucumber is the only thing she will definitely eat. I am really hoping this is just a phase. 

5. Everything is now an obstacle that must be conquered. We specifically put our new tv up on the wall because the wee one had a habit of pushing and generally touching the tv when it was on its unit. Now that it's up on the wall she climbs up on the unit to get to the tv. She will climb on, up or over anything. I went through to the kitchen for two minutes, came back through and she had squeezed herself between the back of the sofa and the wall. Nothing is safe in our house anymore! My heart spends more time in my mouth than in my chest. 

I almost long for the days when I could put her in her play pen and she would play happily for hours. I do understand this is just another stage in her development, but man does it have to be so stressful? And I'm pretty sure this is only the start. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Gallery: Something Beautiful

Tara's prompt for this weeks The Gallery is Something Beautiful. 

I toyed with the idea of choosing a photo of something other than the wee one, but with eyes like hers, how could I not choose one of her. 

I'm pretty sure everyone thinks their child is beautiful, and I am no exception. 

I really don't know where that beautiful face came from. She's not like me at all. She got her daddy's big brown eyes and cheeky smile, but the rest of her? Well. I think she's just unique. 

Why not check out the rest of the entries to The Gallery over at www.thestickyfingersblog.com. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dr Christian is Still a Knob

I'm not usually one for name calling, but it's late at night and I'm just catching up with Twitter, and this is a deserved case. 

I came across a few tweets about Dr Christian Jessen. I briefly followed him on twitter a few years ago, but after reading one or two of his tweets I realised that, despite his medical background/status, his opinions regarding lots of medical issues differed drastically from mine. Then he made ridiculous assumptions and sweeping statements about women and rape, so one click of the unfollow button and he was gone! 

Tonight, I find he's been at it again, giving his "medical opinion" on breastfeeding in Closer magazine (It's late and I'm writing his post on my phone, so I can't be bothered to find the original article or tweet, plus I don't want to give him anymore publicity that he so obviously enjoys). He's basically stating that breastfeeding beyond 6 months has no benefit and causes psychological/behavioural problems. 


I know not everyone can, or wants to breastfeed, but jeezo, he's a DOCTOR! Doctors are supposed to arm people with facts, so they can make an informed choice on whether to breastfeed. Both elements of his statement are not facts. I am actually of the opinion that my 2 year old is as bright and as intelligent as she is BECAUSE she was breastfed for more than 6 months. I would have breastfed her longer if I could have, but 10 months was all we got and it was back to work. 

I see Dr Christian backtracked and stated he was referring to a mother who was still breastfeeding her 4 year old son. So? Who actually cares if a mother breastfeeds her child past the age of 4 or 6 or 8? Surely it's her personal choice and I'm pretty sure her child will self wean eventually. It may not be your personal preference, but who are we to judge others? 

Anyway, I bet if they did a study on mental health in breastfed v bottle fed they would find no differences. Plus I could rant on about how human milk is made for humans and its perfectly natural for us etc, but it is far too late and I'm sleepy. 

His statement has annoyed me. I don't know why, probably just because he's shown his ignorance again and has fired out sweeping statements. I would say he doesn't know why he's talking about,but  that wouldn't be true. He's a medical professional, surely it's his place as a medic to make sure his statements are backed up by evidence? Especially as he is still considered a tv personality. Surely he has a responsibility to provide his viewers with accurate information. 

Part of me thinks he is either misinformed or just plain ignorant on the issues of breastfeeding, the other part thinks he's doing a K*tie H*pkins and deliberately painting himself as the villain of the piece for maximum attention. 

Either way, he's still a knob. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Saturday, 18 January 2014

What a difference a year makes

The wee one turned two this week. Can you believe it? I can't. I can't believe that a whole year has passed since we celebrated her first birthday. She's changed so much.

A year ago she could say a few words: nana, pease, my bag, mine etc. Now we get full sentences and can hold conversations with her, even if they mostly consist of telling her to get down from whatever she's climbed into and her replying with a drawn out "alright". She has become a total parrot, nothing you say gets past her, so you have to really watch what you say, and who you're talking about!! The favourite phrases at the moment are "thank you very much indeeeeeed" and "put the cartoons on daddy pleeeeease".

She started going to playgroup one day a week, which has been great for her to learn how to socialise. She still prefers to mostly play on her own, but she hasbegun  joining in with activities with other kids. We registered her for nursery today too, which is a frightening but she won't be going til April next year. 

We have embraced the big girl bed, and the wee one seems to have settled in it very well. She's rolled out once or twice, but she sleeps mostly all night. Naps have been non existent in our house since she was six months old, but sometimes I wish she did nap, so I could get things done, but alas, no. 

The wee one's grown a lot in the last year, physically and mentally. She's shot up like a sunflower, meaning's growing out of her clothes very quickly. Thank goodness for places like Asda for affordable clothing! She's quite the tomboy at times, and loves muddy puddles (I blame Peppa!) and climbing on everything and anything.

Like I said earlier, nothing gets past her, and she's quite perceptive. She understands when someone is hurt or upset and will come and ask in her cute voice "you ok?".

I suppose it's quite normal for 2 year olds to be quite cheeky, and she is no exception. Cheek should be her middle name! Phones and iPads are not safe around this child; she became master of the selfie this year: 

We didn't have a party or anything for her birthday. We visited family, then headed out for a meal just the three of us. 

I can't wait to see what exciting thingsthe next year holds for her. Happy birthday little darling x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Gallery: New

With Christmas just past, and the wee ones second birthday approaching this week, there are lots of new things happening in our house. The wee one is always picking up new phrases, the latest of which is "thank you very much indeeeeeed" and putting "how about..." at the start of any sentence. We have to be very careful about what why say in front of her, because she is just a little parrot and you just know she'll say something horrendously inappropriate at the wrong time (like the time she shoved her hand down my top in church and yelled "boobies" in the middle of the service). 

Christmas brought lots of new toys to play with. Our house is now over run with toys, so much so we need another toy box to house them all. These are just four of her new toys: Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Dave the Minion (though I think Daddy enjoys playing with him more), some Mickey figures and a Doc McStuffins chair. We really are a Disney family.

She also got a gorgeous new bike for Christmas, and we finally got a dry day and the opportunity to take it out for a spin last week. 

But also in the last fortnight, the wee one has moved into her new, big girl, not-a-cot bed. It still seems like just yesterday that we moved her from her Moses basket into her cot, it's hard to believe that she is old enough for a proper bed. It's fair to say she loves it, and she just won't go to bed without Danny Bear and Baby. 

The wee one turns two on Sunday. She's learning new things all the time. Everyday really is a school day for her at the moment. We are looking forward to all the new milestones she'll experience over the next few months. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sleep is for bed.

A few months ago, we bought the wee ones first proper bed in preparation for the transition from cot to bed. Initially, we were going to wait until her second birthday and held off for a while.  I can't believe we've reached the point where she's too big for the cot.  It seems like only yesterday we were putting her to sleep in her Moses basket! Time goes far too quickly for my liking.

As she was using her cot mostly as a climbing frame-come-trampoline, we introduced her bed a bit earlier. We waited until I was on annual leave from work, just in case and so that no one was going to work suffering from lack of sleep. My husband and his stepdad built it up last Saturday, and Sunday night was her first night trying it out. 

We opted for a plain white toddler bed, as anything bigger would leave no room in her bedroom for anything else. It has little sides at the top, that can come off when she's a liltle more used to it. We had bought a nice bright duvet cover with elephants on it, and I must say it looked very inviting. 

Her first night, we didn't change any of the routine at all. It's still bath, Jammies, a cup of milk, stories then sleepy time. After a few stories she got tucked in, and she insisted that Baby and Danny Bear be tucked in too. 

The first night was up and down, and I mean that literally. She was in the bed, out the bed, at the top, down the bottom, under the covers, over the covers, for about 3 hours. When she finally went to sleep, she rolled out after an hour. We put the old cot mattress and the side of the bed to soften the fall. She rolled out three times overnight but managed to stay asleep twice and just needed tucked back in. But then she woke up properly, in a right tantrum and ended up in bed with mummy and daddy. Not ideal when Daddy was working at 6am, but anything for a few hours sleep! 

The second night, she rolled out once and woke up a couple of times, but stayed in her own bed. I still woke up a few times thinking I'd heard her roll out, but when I checked on her she was still snoring away. 

By the third night, she was used to it, and slept right through. 

She's been in the big bed a week now, and she still wakes up occasionally but hasnt rolled out again. She seems to favour the top of the bed and sleeps almost horizontally across the bed, but she's comfortable enough. Poor Danny bear and Baby end up out of bed, or squashed, but without them she won't settle. 

We've lost that element of safety that the cot had too.  Before, when she was in the cot, we knew that she wouldn't get out and climb down the stairs, but now she's in her bedshe can get up and wander along the landing. The top stair gate is now in full use, and though she doesn't tend to come out of her room without shouting first, I'm still paranoid about remembering to keep it closed. Remembering to close the bathroom and spare bedroom door is now part of our bedtime routine too. We keep our door open, so we can listten out for her.  Thankfully she hasn't wandered into our room in the middle of the night... Yet! 

Friday, 10 January 2014


Getting motivated to do anything outdoors other than essential stuff has been difficult because, let's face it, the weather has been crap. Starting the year off with torrential rain and gale force winds hasn't really helped with achieving my new year aim of getting outside more.  Coupled with the fact that I am more than happy to park myself in front of the tv in the ass shaped dent I've created on the sofa, motivation has been pretty much non-existent.

I'm more than aware that staying in and having the tv on all the time probably isn't very good for the wee one.  Hence, vowing to go out more. She got a little push along bike for her Christmas, and we've been desperate to try it out, but it really never has been a dry enough day. Wednesday appeared dry enough, so we ventured out down the path outside the house. 

It wasn't long before the clouds came, and the drizzle started, so we reluctantly went back indoors.

Yesterday, however, was a much brighter, drier day. We met up with a friend and her little boy up at the loch and took the bike up there. Even in the middle of summer it's always a wee bit colder at the log, but man it was freezing!  Usually a brisk walk round the loch really warms you up, but with two toddlers and their bikes and scooters in tow, it was a slow trudge. 

I always feel like I'm depriving the wee one of fresh air, as we never go anywhere that outdoorsy, so thats why I love going round the park. It really is one  of my favourite places, and the little play park is great for the wee ones. The kids had fun on the swings, and the seesaw, and running about daft chasing ducks at the loch side. Before we knew it two and a half hours had passed. We had quick bite to eat in the cafe, before heading home, and the wee one wanted back on her bike as we went to the car. 

The wee one loved being out in the fresh air, and didn't want to go home, so I'm hoping to get out on her bike at least once a week. She seems to be immune to the cold weather, unlike me. I'm still trying to heat up. 


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