Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Gallery: Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches?

Ah, our lovely Christmas tree has managed to survive ten days without being pulled down/destroyed by the wee one. She is automatically drawn to the sparkly lights, and the shiny baubles (she thinks the red ones are tomatoes tho, what the...) and wants to touch it all the time. 

We don't have any rituals or traditions in decorating the tree, only that hubby and I do it together.  When the wee one is older she'll no doubt be in charge of the decorating. 

This is our fourth Christmas in our house, with last year being the wee ones first.  The only baubles we've had are our red and silver ones from B&Q, but slowly we're adding ones that are significant to us. 

This one was given to us by one of my colleagues.  It says Baby's First Christmas on it, but I felt it was too pretty to leave off the tree this year, so we've hidden the writing so Santa and Penguin are on show.

At church last week, the children's story was about the significance of the candy cane. About how it was made in the shape of a J, to represent Jesus, but was also the shape of a shepherds staff representing Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Also each one has three thin stripes, representing the flogging Jesus got, and a thick red stripe representing the blood that was shed. Each member of the Sunday School got a little candy cane, and I suspect ours was the only one to actually make it to the tree without being eaten!! 

And then we have our, ahem, "angel". Our star is too heavy for the top of our tree, and we've never got round to buying an angel, so instead we have the very festive Christmas Penguin. 

The wee one will not go to bed until she's said goodnight to the Christmas Penguin, so he may have to become a regular on our tree.

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  1. Oh my goodness everyone should have a penguin on the top of their tree, awesome! :-D

  2. Lovely tree - and I am loving the penguin!

  3. Brilliant - loving that penguin! The rest of the tree looks great too :)

  4. You have a lovely tree! :) My 3-year-old is the same - she likes to re-arrange the Christmas ornaments when I'm not looking and group them all to one side. When she goes to bed, I re-arrange them again ;)

  5. Lovely colours and love the penguin! I never knew there was any proper significance to candy canes, I just thought they were Americanised nonsense!

  6. The penguin is fab. We have 'angel ted' at my mum's house, which is a teddy with tinsel on!

  7. Your Christmas penguin is fab! Mich x


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