Friday, 27 December 2013

Post Christmas

We are having a well earned PJ day today after a hectic two days. Christmas has been really lovely this year, as I took some annual leave for the week running up, and the way my shifts worked out I am not back until tonight. This means we've been able to prepare well in advance and spend the run up fairly chilled out. 

It also meant we were able to attend the church Carol Service, and the wee one took part in the nativity. She was a particularly hyper angel, but I must say she got out most of her energy during the rehearsal.  


We had one moment during the nativity where she waved and shouted "hiya granny" at my mother-in-law, but thankfully she was mostly well behaved. Although, we did have another spectacular meltdown when Santa arrived.
On Christmas Eve we went up to the local church where the wee one goes to playgroup for their production of the Elf a Who Stole Christmas. It was a wee hour-long play, but it was fantastic. All about a greedy elf who learns the true meaning of Christmas, told with puppets and songs and a lot of funny lines from the church's minister. It really was excellent and we all enjoyed it. Then when we got home it was time to get tucked up in bed to wait for Santa to deliver his presents. 

Christmas Day and Boxing Day have been very busy.  As the wee one still isn't fully aware of what Christmas is, she wasn't up too early, so we had a small lie in.  We spent Christmas Day morning in our own house, and my parents and my sister came up for an hour before they headed off to see my gran.  It was a family tradition of bacon rolls all round for breakfast.  I think the wee one was a little overwhelmed with all the presents and activity but she soon started to join in, eventually shouting "more presents" every time someone tried to open a new one. 

Santa was very very generous to the wee one this year.  Amongst lots of toys, he brought Dave, who I think Daddy has played with the most:

He also brought a kitchen, so the wee one can cook her favourite pasta for us: 

Mickey Mouse's clubhouse now resides on our living room:

And a lovely Minnie Mouse bike for when the weather eventually dries up:

Then it was time to head round to my mother in law's house for the rest of the day. Turns out Santa left presents there too! He left a Doc McStuffins chair amongst other exciting toys. 

The wee one then spent the rest of the day sticking Toy Story stickers on to her Uncle Bobs nose, while the rest of us relaxed and watched Christmas TV (or tried to). Everyone feasted on Christmas dinner, and enjoyed a tipple, except me and my sister in law, who were the designated drivers. Even my husbands granny had a wee sherry and lemonade, while tutting at everyone else having a drink! 

It was then time to go home, and the wee one had no problem falling asleep, as she was exhausted. 

Boxing Day was spent at my parents, and as hubby got a season ticket for the football for his Christmas,he went off with my dad and sister to the game. Which left my mum, the wee one and me to relax in the house and get dinner ready.  My best friend came up for a wee visit since she's home from Dubai. We were supposed to meet her fiancĂ© too, who came over with her for Christmas, but he didn't come with her. I was quite disappointed as I've still not met him yet, but I think he's still acclimatising himself to the cold here, since he's used to the permanent warmth over in the Middle East. 

When the troops came home from the football, we had another lovely dinner, and stuffed our faces again. Christmas time really is an excuse to eat all day, isn't it? 

And so today it's almost back to normal.  Hubby was back to work this morning, I'm back at work tonight. I'm working 7 out of the next 8 days, but after that I'm on annual leave for two weeks, and that thought is what's keeping me going! I'm working New Year's Eve, the 1st and 2nd, but I don't mind.  I'm not a big fan of Hogmany, for some reason it always seems like sad time.  My old grans birthday was the 1st January, and since she passed away New Years Day has never really been the same.  So working and looking after folks stuck in hospital at New Year just seems right now.  

My house is a riot; it looks like Santa's workshop exploded in my living room. But who cares, we've had an awesome Christmas. 

Now if only Santa could spare some elves to help us tidy up...

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