Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's nearly Christmas..

It's the Saturday before Christmas, and I'm sitting here, drink in hand, wee one in bed, Strictly final on the telly and feeling, well, organised! It's a rather odd feeling. 

I've been on annual leave for the last week. It's the first time I've ever been off on the run up to Christmas since becoming a nurse, and I have to say, it's the best idea I've ever had. The presents are bought, wrapped and Santas fairies have taken them away, so he can deliver them on Christmas Eve. 

It's been quite a busy week. 

On Monday, we had the Toddler Christmas party.  We were slightly early, meaning lots of time to play with balloons!!

The wee one is still not great with crowds, but joined in with some games. It all went pear shaped when Santa arrived. I'm not sure if it was because there were lots of people, roughly 25 kids plus their parents, in a small room, or because up til now Santa has just been a cartoon, or a picture in a book, but she completely freaked out. And of course, she was the only one to cry and melt down about it.  Embarrassed parent moment. Her daddy went up to collect her present, and even offered to sit on Santa's knee... He really knows how to embarrass me even further!! But she calmed down after that, although she did leave with a new phrase: " I scared of Santa" :o(

She couldn't wait to open her present from Santa, which turned out to be a baby, who she has appropriately named... er, Baby! Baby now goes everywhere with us. We also get running commentary about Baby: "Baby hungry" "I dropped Baby" "My Baby" and "Baby tired". Baby got so tired the other day, the wee one made her a bed on the floor, with a cushion and a towel. So cute. "Mummy, Baby sleeping!"

Guess Baby wasn't the only one who was tired...

Wednesday was spent at the shops with my parents, who were getting last minute Christmas bits and pieces. We left the wee one at soft play with grandad for an hour, whilst my mum and I ran round the last of the shops. 

Thursday we had a play date at my friend Jane's house, with her little boy. The wee one loves their house because there are lots of Peppa toys! I think she also grew rather attached to Jane's rocking chair, as it was hard to get her off!

On Friday we took a trip to the library, as my silly computer doesn't have Microsoft Word on it, and it had to complete a job application. Thankfully the wee one LOVES the library, it's a real struggle to pull her away from books of any kind, but the library has so many and it's like she's in a a wonderland. My mum kept her occupied at the children's section while I worked away. 

Today, well, we've had a very relaxed day. We went to the shops again, but really only for lunch. It really is quite strange to watch other people rushing around, doing their last minute Christmas shopping, knowing you're completely organised (am I? Have I forgotten anyone? *checks list* No, no I think we're ok). We visited Granny, and then came home and chilled out. Some more chilled than others:

Tomorrow, we have the Sunday School Nativity at the church Carol service, where the wee one is an angel (ha! Complete miscasting there...). I'm quite excited as for a few years I've not been able to attend the Carol service due to work, and it's always been a Christmas tradition. Despite the fact that I attend church regularly, the Carol service has always just felt more special, because it's a time for families to be together. Everyone seems to make the effort to be there, and that just makes the day for me.

All being well the wee one will be on her best behaviour tomorrow and I won't have to blog about a Nativity disaster. But then, she isn't two years old yet, so you never know! 

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