Saturday, 2 November 2013

In which I try to be like my mother.

Now that I'm a mum, and I've turned 30, I've been meaning to try to turn my hand to the things that should be passed down the generations.

I already knit. My gran was the best knitter I know, and she would still be knitting away if diabetes hadn't claimed her eyesight, and dementia, her memory. My mum can knit well when she wants to, but she's got other things to keep her busy. 

My gran also made the best soup. Honestly, the most awesome soup ever. My mum makes soup the exact same way my gran did and it tastes amazing, but somehow grans was always that wee bit better. We think it was the good Fife water that gave hers that extra flavour. 

So I decided I would try and make soup on my own. I remember helping my mum make soup, so naturally I thought I could wing it. 

Turns out, I couldn't. 

After forgetting what actually goes into soup, I ended up phoning mum from the supermarket to make sure I had all the ingredients; veggies, broth mix, split peas, ham hough, etc. Yep, all present and correct, and she gave me some further instructions, ie soaking the lentils overnight.

Got home, laid out all my ingredients, and I poured my 3 packets of lentils, peas etc, in the pot to soak. It looked a but much, but I let it soak anyway. 

Three hours later, there's a LOT of expanded broth, and no space in my massive soup pot. I made another panicked phone call to my mum, who explained that I really should have only put 1/3 of each packet in! Arg! I'm such a numpty. Cue spooning out half the mixture into a Tupperware dish. 

At the moment, I'm left with half of the mix soaking in the pot and the other half waiting in the fridge, probable for my next attempt, because judging by the way things are going, this one is a disaster! 

I rally want this soup to work out, because I want to be able to make it and be like my mum and gran, and hopefully, be able to teach the wee one. And to be able to say to my husband, look, I CAN cook! (I can't really, I'm rubbish and he does all the cooking, but to achieve this one thing would be awesome).

I'm letting all my ingredients soak as I type, in preparation for actually making the soup tomorrow.  I really hope I'm able to post a success blog post.

Fingers crossed! 


  1. This sounds like my kind of cooking. Hope it works out! x

  2. Good luck with the soup, love all the ingredients and just what you need in this weather. Knitting will be very useful too : )



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