Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Sadly, for the past two years I've not made it to any fireworks displays because I always seem to be rostered on to night shift! 

We used to go every year to Glasgow Green, in the days when they used to build a huge bonfire, to watch the fireworks. Then they built it right over a gas main one year, and the bonfire tradition was no more. They still did the fireworks, but it just wasn't the same. 

Thankfully, from my bedroom window at my parents house, we could see right over Cathkin Braes and my sister and I would sit, huddled up watching the little bonfires and the sporadic fireworks being set off. 

As we got older, we resurrected the Glasgow Green tradition. Nothing says reliving your childhood than pulling on your wellies, wrapping up in your hat, scarf and gloves, and trudging through mucky grass to watch fireworks with hundreds of strangers. 

We've not been to a fireworks display in Scotland since the wee one was born, but we did watch the big fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. And they were absolutely spectacular. I didn't include any photos of them, because my photos really don't do them justice. The wee one absolutely loved them. They really know how to make firework displays awesome at Disney. Well, everything is awesome at Disney!! 

What's your Firework Night tradition? 

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