Monday, 4 November 2013

Are you easily tricked?

I have to admit, I am one of those people who's quite gullible at times. People can string me a story for quite some time before I realise they're having me on. 

It mostly happens at work. Being a Staff Nurse I suppose I'm quite serious most of the time, but still have a laugh and a joke with my colleagues. On one occasion, I passed the ward board and found a new name in one of our empty rooms: Annette Curtaine. 

Naturally, I asked every staff member if we were getting a new patient down, did we have a handover, "who's Annette Curtaine?". Little did I realise I was being pranked, and A Net Curtain was a fake...

We had a male Staff Nurse who was particularly good at sounding completely serious whilst winding you up.  He was just one of those folks who had the knack for it. He would routinely concoct a fake handover that would sound completely convincing, but with something completely wild at the end, like "patient had third hand removed 3 weeks ago".  One night shift, he came up to tell me that he's had a handover from A+E, to come down into one of his side rooms, that patient was absolutely rigid, couldn't bend in the middle, and that the porters had delivered him to the ward standing up so could I help to get him into bed. When I went to the room I found a drip stand dressed up in a hospital gown with a mop for a head, gloves for hands, complete with a catheter! 

It has backfired on one occasion. I was heavily pregnant, and had been away on escort with a patient to MRI scanning, and came back to find the ward doors shut over. I met this colleague at the door who said "you can't come in, a patient has barricaded himself in the male 4-bed room, is using his walking stick and fork as weapons, and we've had to evacuate the other men out of the room".  Naturally, I didn't believe him, and strode on past him with my patient. He protested that he wasn't joking, but I didn't believe him until I actually passed the patient who threw his stick at the window of the bay, frightening the life out of me and my poor patient, and started hurling abuse at us.  He was a pleasant man(!)

Sometimes, I'm just plain daft. 

My grandad used to work in an aerodrome at a place in Fife, which I thought was with a company called Donny Bristol.  I only learned recently that the place in Fife is called Donibristle.

I grew up in the Salvation Army, and often wondered why the Officers all when to a place called Furlow for their holidays. I think I was about 25 before I realised that being on furlough meant being on holiday...

And only just this year, whilst watching Great British Bake Off, did I realise that Welsh Rarebit is NOT made with rabbit...

This is my post for day 4 of NaBloPoMo, using the prompt from Vonnie: Are you easily tricked? Do you fall for things


  1. Haha, This has really cheered me up this morning. Thanks.

  2. Should be worried about the medical professions amazing ability to prank..? Haha! I can imagine it's because you kind of have to lighten the mood.

    I have no memory for things like this, so I enjoyed reading yours! Made me Larf!

  3. Haha I loved this, great post! Particularly enjoyed the Welsh Rarebit one x

  4. It sounds like there are some amazing stories from the cutting edge of the NHS!

  5. Aww bless, everyone can be like that hon. xx


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