Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Gallery - Body Parts

This weeks theme for the Gallery is Body Parts. 

I have to say, I have long thought my best (only) feature has been my hair. 

It is auburny-red. I am the only red-head in my family. My parents and my sister all have brown hair, so I'm the anomaly in the family. Someone somewhere in the family tree is responsible for my gingerness. I've never been tempted to dye it, as I really love my colour. 

When I was younger, my hair was much lighter 

But it seems to have darkened as I've got older

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  1. Lovely hair! My husband is ginger, but I have no ginger children.

  2. Love your hair colour! My middle child is a red head :)

  3. your hair is stunning, it looks so full of life too xx

  4. My hair has always been dark and I have always liked it but it does show up the grey now... hence it has a lovely plum tinge to it now ;)



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