Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Big Knit

I've been severely lacking in the knitting department for a few months now. I find it hard to knit while the wee ones around an she likes to play with my ball of yarn, and gets it all tangled! 

Then I saw an advert on tv the other day for Innocent Drinks The Big Knit. They were looking for people to knit tiny little hats for their smoothie bottles, and for each one sold they will donate 25p to Age UK. It looked like a perfect project for me to get my knitting mojo back.

The hats are quick and easy to make. They're also a great way of using up all the left over yarn that I struggle to throw away! 

So here's my effort that I will be sending on to Innocent. Apologies for the photos, I had to use my phone camera. 


Yesterday, Innocent Drinks twitter feed were #tiredoftyping, so they were handwriting their tweets and tweeting  a picture instead. They sent me this: 

How awesome!! 

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  1. That is really cool. I cant knit but I do crochet, I wander if us crocheters can get involved, I'll pop over and have a look x


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