Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

I often struggle to find new things to do with the wee one on my days off. We do the usual things like soft play and we have playgroup on a Monday, but I often worry that I'm borning her with the same old stuff. She is only 21 months, but I like to keep her entertained and interested in new things. 

So we decided to go to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. I loved the transport museum when it was at the Kelvin Hall, and it holds a special wee place in my heart, especially the old fashioned street. So I asked my mum to come along with us, to check it out in its new location. 

I always forget to take decent photos when I'm out and about, so apologies for the lack/poor quality of them. 

It certainly is very different from when it used to be in the Kelvin Hall. I remember being able to climb into the cars and buses, but there's only a few you can get into now. The wee one enjoyed being a passenger on an old fashioned tram though (so did her gran):

The cars are now mounted onto the walls, which looks amazing, but it means you can't get a good look at them.   I do love this yellow one though. I took this photo from the bridge; those bikes are suspended high up in the air on a velodrome type thingy (technical term, that). 


On the old Subway. I love how they specify No Spitting, but my mum assures me that was a standard message on both buses and the subway back in the day. The wee one liked it:

However, I did not:

The subway freaked me out a little. It's just....spooky. Like the real life subway. Scary places. Just looks like a ghost train:

So glad they kept the old fashioned street, I can totally imagine Glasgow being like this. Cobbled streets, proper shops, bakers, cobblers, tailors, caf├ęs! You could even go all the way to Canada for £2, bargain! I was totally born in the wrong era. 

It was a but of a murky day when we visited, but the Clyde is still pretty, even in driech weather 

I can't wait to take the wee one back when she's a bit older and understands what things are,and how they were used in and around Glasgow. There are lots of interactive areas and computery (again, technical term) things that she's just too little and impatient for just yet. 


  1. we went dozens of times to the old transport museum, the kids loved it, we now go to the new one and the grandchildren love it. I blogged it last year as well. For a free day out it is brilliant.
    Have you thought of Pollock Country Park or the Windfarm at whitelees? they are both free. You have the science museum, not far from the Riverside museum as well.

  2. It's a great museum - the kids love it and always find something new. We also like Kelvingrove too.

  3. We love there especially the steam trains! We visited the Glasgow Science Centre yesterday which was fab!

  4. I've still not been to the new location yet. Must go soon. It's a great place x

  5. Did you go onto the Tall Ship? Entry onto it is free now, and it's loads of fun. It kept my children occupied for a solid hour :)


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