Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: Walls of the Wild wall stickers

We have been trying to get our spare room sorted out and converted into a playroom for the wee one. I had hoped to have the room emptied and painted by now, but so far it's not really happening, due to work and other things. I had also hoped to have these lovely wall stickers the good folks at sent us, up on the walls by now. Alas, we are still plodding along with the playroom. 

So I decided to get the stickers up in our makeshift playroom, the back end of the living room. What do you think? 

We had the choice of farm animals, or jungle animals, and since the wee one loves sheep just now, we went with farm. Don't they look fab? There are lots of themes to choose from, like dinosaurs, jungle, farm, under water, and fantasy.  

I suppose wall stickers are self explanatory, but they came with no instructions on how to apply/remove them. This can all be found on the website, but it would have been nice to have it on paper to make reference to. I had to go on to the website to find out how to apply them and what to do.

All stickers are removable and reusable. They are made usurping very high quality ink, and heavy duty vinyl, which makes them a little more expensive than the usual, but ultimately very durable. They can be cleaned by blotting with a damp cloths. They can be peeled off and stuck back on in a different position if you wish. The stickers can be placed on any smooth surface, just not a heat source like a radiator etc. 

They came wrapped up in a tube, meaning the stickers were curled up at the edges, which made it a wee bit hard to get the bigger sticker off with only two hands. Note to self: wait til hubby gets home to help next time! The smaller stickers are much easier. 

The stickers can be purchased individually, prices ranging from £4 to £60 or you can buy a full wall set from between £97 to £430. The sets are beautiful, if a little expensive. Man, if I won the Lotto, we would have an amazing looking playroom! 

So, in terms of the stickers themselves, they are pretty cute, easy to apply and the wee one will love them. My only item for improvement would be to hopefully get some written instructions with them next time. 

All being well, our lovely little sheep will be heading upstairs with his little chick pals to the playroom soon, and maybe they'll get some more friends to join them soon. 

*I was sent these stickers in exchange for an honest review, which I have given above. I have included the website out of courtesy and have received no further payments for this* 


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