Tuesday, 23 July 2013

One and a half.

So, we have now an 18 month old. A cheeky, cute, mischievous, cuddly, chatty, loving 18 month old. When did this happen? She was only a baby a few minutes ago. 

She's taken a big stretch. She's got tall enough to see out the window without going up on tip toes. 

This also means she's growing out of her clothes. Again. We're running out of clothes that fit well. Thank goodness for seasonal sales! I had a lovely rummage around in the Next sale and got a few key pieces; jeans, a denim dress and a romper. BHS also have a sale on just now and I got some t-shirts and leggings. 

This growth spurt also means clearing out the clothes that don't fit. Last time we filled 6 vacuum bags with clothes. We're running out of room!! So, what to do with the clothes? The sensible part of me is saying sell them or give them away. But I have some hoarding tendencies and I'm rubbish at actually getting rid of stuff. There's another part of me that is thinking "what if we have another one?" I don't want to sell/give away the clothes and then have to start from scratch of we have another. 

Now that she's one and a half, I'm trying to get her into a playgroup, to get her to socialise with other kids. We're on the waiting list for the playgroup at the local church, so we just have to wait and see. But we have play dates with friends kids too, so she's not on her own all the time. 

We're almost having conversations with her now. Words are coming thick and fast, and sentences are just around the corner. She loves describing what she's doing, shouting "running" or "marching" while she's doing it. Although, ask her who she loves and she replies "daddy". We need to work on that one... 

She's also got the Candy Crush bug: 

And a slight obsession with Minions:

I wonder what the next 18 months holds for us? If its anything like the last 18, it's gonna be a blast!


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