Thursday, 4 July 2013

I Made Something!

I've been knitting my sisters wedding favours, some gorgeous little knitted stuffed hearts. She doesn't get married fit another year, but I figured I'd get a little head start, since I don't get much time to knit now the wee one is running around. 

A friend spotted a little photo i had posted of them on twitter, and asked of I'd be able to make one for her flower girl, only could I make it a but bigger and into a bag to put crayons and things in for her to carry.  

Now, my maths skills are practically non-existant, and I certainly am not a knitting designer by any stretch of the imagination. So after a LOT of calculating, working out, knitting up and ripping apart, I came out with a pretty decent sized heart shape. Some sewing, lining and stuffing later, I had a pretty nice bag. My sewing skills most definitely need to improve, it's what lets me down the most. 

I've added pretty ribbon handles and some studs to keep it shut. I think it looks pretty good! What do you think? 

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