Friday, 5 July 2013

Holiday Club

The school holidays have arrived here in Scotland, and although I don't have a child in school, it has meant that lots of summer activities for children have started. 

We got a flyer through the door last week for the Baptist Church's holiday club. There's one for p1-p7s, and there was one for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It looked lots of fun, so hubby and I decided to register the wee one for it. Not only would it give us something planned to do with her every day, but it would also get her interacting with other children, which I feel she doesn't get enough of due to our horrible shift patterns.  I remember going to holiday clubs like these when I was younger, and I really enjoyed them.  

We went to register the wee one there, but arrived about an hour before time on the flyer. It was a good thing we were early, as there were only two spaces left in the session! Popular place indeed. 

The theme for the week was Animal Watchers. Both hubby and I went on Monday morning. As I wasn't working til the night shift and hubby was back shift. It was really excellent. We sang songs, some I knew some I didn't, there was a story, then some crafting. So well organised. The theme on Monday was about how God made the world, the land, sea, animals and humans in seven days. 

Hubby took the wee one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday since I was sleeping from being night shift. I was a bit gutted to be missing it, but hubby really loved getting to spend the time on his own with the wee one, and he seemed to enjoy it, even though he's not remotely religious.  I was assured that the stories were Gods Rainbow, Daniel in the lions den, and Jonah and the Whale. 

Then today (Friday) I got to to go for the last day. Today's story was the lost sheep. The wee one lives that story; she has a bible stories book that she was given for her Dedication which is the lost sheep story. We sang Old Macdonald, had a puppet show, and made a cotton wool sheep with pegs for legs! It was such good fun. 

I'd love to take her again, hopefully next summer, when she's older and understands a bit more of what's going on.

 Hubby was very excited about his crafting efforts that he rooms pictures of them all! Checkout his (and the wee ones) handiwork. 

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