Friday, 3 May 2013

In which the child is a genius.

My husband is one of those parents who over exaggerates our child's abilities. He has her pegged as a genius/child prodigy already at 15 months. Just the other week he was telling me about a conversation with a colleague, who's child is around the same age as Samantha. My husband told this colleague that Samantha started to walk aged 9 months.

Eh. No she didn't.

She could stand at 9 months. But she was no where near walking til she was 11 months.

I fear my husband is becoming one of those parents who has the perfect child, the genius child who has done everything before her time, and makes other parents completely paranoid. You know the ones, their babies have slept through the night since they were born, can recite the alphabet by 1 year and are sitting their exams by the time they're 5. *massive eyeroll*

In saying that tho, the wee one astounds me every day with the things she does. She correctly shouts out Jake, Minnie, Zou and Mouk when they come on the screen (oops, maybe I let her watch too much Disney Jr!). The way she can use the iPad is amazing, she's much better than me. She's so sociable, when we're out and about no unsuspecting pensioner is safe from a wee shout of "hiya", forcing them to talk to her. And the way she learns words so quickly is worrying as we now have to be very careful what we say around her as she's such a wee mimic!

I believe she's just at that age where she's a sponge, soaking up everything an learning loads.

Fast learner. Yes. Child genius? Probably not.

Just try telling my husband that!


  1. And as a genius, she will be able to twist her dad round her little finger 24/7...very clever!

    1. Indeed. It's like a Jedi Mind Trick.


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