Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rural Life Museum

I've lived in East Kilbride for four years now, and have never been to the Museum of Rural Life. It's part of the National Heritage museums, and is a working farm, using techniques and equipment from the 1950s. The farm was donated by a woman called Margaret Reid after she passed away having had no children of her own to pass it on to. 

Taking advantage of a 2-for-1 voucher (anything to save money), the wee one and I took a visit there today with my aunt and cousins who are up to visit from Birmingham. It was so much fun.  We got to ride a tractor up to the working farm, visited the smelly pigs, and got followed around by a mysterious black cat. (Black cats better be good luck by the way, it crossed our path SO many times!)

The tractor ride was VERY bumpy, but the wee one loved it, shouting "bump bump" each time we hit a ditch. Once off the tractor, you can wander around the farm. The pigs were massive! There were a few piglets, and a great big mummy pig, who was charging around looking all protective. I can still smell them...

We got to see a lovely Clydesdale horse called Marie, who was just gorgeous. She had a beautiful coat, and the wee one wasn't afraid to clap her. We were rubbing Marie's nose and she began to fall asleep. Apparently Marie's partner Bobby the horse is a bit of a biter, and had a cut leg, so he was in the stable. 

There was a calf who was only a few days old,and I was surprised to learn that they're taken away from their mothers after only a few hours! Because they are dairy cows, they would only produce enough milk for their calf after birthing so they are separated almost immediately. Quite sad really. Poor calves. 

The museum area is quite something with all the old fashioned ploughs, tractors and machinery, along with the history of farming in Scotland and a movie bit we didn't go in to. 

It was great for the wee one to spend time with her "English Cousins". They hardly get to see her since they live so far away, and it was so lovely to see them bonding. And it was great to catch up with my aunt! They found out this morning that their bid had been accepted on a house they desperately wanted, so she was quite overwhelmed today! 

We had a fab day, I'll definitely be back, dragging hubby with us next time :o) 

(PS I know this post may sound like a promo, but I haven't been paid or asked o write anything. I went, I liked, I blogged).

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In which the child is a genius.

My husband is one of those parents who over exaggerates our child's abilities. He has her pegged as a genius/child prodigy already at 15 months. Just the other week he was telling me about a conversation with a colleague, who's child is around the same age as Samantha. My husband told this colleague that Samantha started to walk aged 9 months.

Eh. No she didn't.

She could stand at 9 months. But she was no where near walking til she was 11 months.

I fear my husband is becoming one of those parents who has the perfect child, the genius child who has done everything before her time, and makes other parents completely paranoid. You know the ones, their babies have slept through the night since they were born, can recite the alphabet by 1 year and are sitting their exams by the time they're 5. *massive eyeroll*

In saying that tho, the wee one astounds me every day with the things she does. She correctly shouts out Jake, Minnie, Zou and Mouk when they come on the screen (oops, maybe I let her watch too much Disney Jr!). The way she can use the iPad is amazing, she's much better than me. She's so sociable, when we're out and about no unsuspecting pensioner is safe from a wee shout of "hiya", forcing them to talk to her. And the way she learns words so quickly is worrying as we now have to be very careful what we say around her as she's such a wee mimic!

I believe she's just at that age where she's a sponge, soaking up everything an learning loads.

Fast learner. Yes. Child genius? Probably not.

Just try telling my husband that!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Gallery: Self Portrait

Ah the joys of modern technology, where at the push of a button you can accidentally take a picture of yourself squinting your eyes to look at your phone. I have indeed done this many a time, usually while trying to wrestle the phone off the wee one.

No one wants to see photos of me squinting away, pale faced and bleary eyed. And as I hardly wear make up any more, photos of me with some on are hard to come by. So, as the theme for this weeks Gallery is Self Portrait, I took one just for you, aren't you all lucky! I took this photo using my iPhone, just before I left to attend a colleagues wedding reception.

On a related note, I am also finding lots of photos like this appearing on my iPhone...

Must. Hide. Phone.

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