Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Gallery: Walks

This week the theme for The Gallery over on Sticky Fingers is WALKS.

I love walking. I could walk for miles if the scenery is lovely. My friend Jane and I were going for long walks round Strathclyde Park with our wee ones when we were both on maternity leave, but now that we're both back at work, (and the weather has been awful), we've not been able to get out as much.

A couple of weeks ago I was left with no car. My car was in the garage, and hubby had jetted off to work in his car, with the wee ones pram still in his boot. It was one of those rare days where we had a little bit of sunshine, so I thought I'd go a wee walk to the small park five minutes from our house. It would get us out of the house, and into the fresh air.

Cosy jacket and little sturdy trainers in place, reins strapped on, we were off! Reins really are the best invention ever. I think they should be a staple in any parents toolbox!

However, what's usually a five minute walk took over half an hour. Walking with a 14 month old, who doesn't want to be carried, is painstakingly slow. She wanted to stop at every crack in the pavement, every leaf, every twig, every person we passed she would stop to say "hiya". But it was the best walk I'd had in a while. My baby was discovering new things. Bending down to touch grass, picking up sticks, (though I had to divert her away from the dog poo!), having space to run without me having to chase after her.

On this walk, we discovered the swings. My dad loves swings, and when we were wee (and still even now that's we're not so wee), he would race my sister and I to the swings so he could get the first shot. Hopefully Sam will inherit our love of swings!

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  1. Lovely post and beautiful pictures. I remember the way toddlers always had to stop to look at and touch everything. The best thing you can do is just be patient, go along with it and embrace it, just like you did!

  2. I always smile when I see a toddler doing that tiny exploring thing.
    Lovely photos.

  3. She looks very happy in that swing! My son is now 2 and always stops to look at everryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything! I don't think the walks get any shorter! :)

  4. Your little girl is so adorable! I remember when my toddler was 14 months and on reins. Isn't it cute how they love to say hello to everyone? :)

  5. What a lovely post and gorgeous pictures. x

  6. Lovely photos. Our journey can take ages with a toddler!

  7. i love rains too! and i know what you mean about the saying hi to everyone! my little man is a bugger for it!

  8. I do remember the days when it took ages to get anywhere on foot. Sometimes, if we weren't in a mad rush, I enjoyed the chance to slow down, catch my breath, and see things through the eyes of an inquisitive toddler.
    Now mine usually run everywhere, and I struggle to keep up!

  9. Cite photo's and I totally agree about the reins :-)

  10. It sounds like triumph in the face of adversity! I empathise totally with the issue of the time taken to walk with a toddler - fun if you are not in a hurry.


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