Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I love a good book. I always have. My mum has always been a great reader, and my dad has a library of American Civil War history books. I think my love of stories started when my parents would read to us at bed time, great stories like Zeeb, Temper and Tantrum, Meg and Mog, and the Jonathan Mark books. When I got older I would spend my pocket money on a brand new book in Waterstones on a Saturday morning, and have it finished by the Sunday night. I would read it a couple more times before then next Saturday came around and I could buy a new one. My parents bought me a kindle this year, and though I don't get to read quite so much now, it's great to be able to just download a book at your leisure.

So I'm glad that the wee one has taken such a fancy to books and stories. My husband is not a great reader, but he likesto read to the wee one. She will grab a book, run over to us shouting "book" and stand there until you've read the story through. Then she'll shout (or cry) until you read it again. It's not just kids books though.  She loves to flick through my Ready Steady Toddler book, pointing out all the babies, and our Florida holiday brochure where she can shout "Minnie!" Every time she appears. 

We have a few great books, like The Gruffalo in Scots, which is the story done in the Scots language. It's so good, and I can now recite the full thing off by heart! Winnie the Pooh books are also favourites. But it's a book that we got in our Bookbug bag from the health visitor that's the favourite just now. It's called Little Mouse, and if we have to read it one more time I think I'll cry.  Today I'm going to rotate our books so we have some new stories. 

We attend the Bookbug session at the library on Thursdays, my mum takes the wee one when I'm working, and the leader reads two books then we sing some songs. The wee one never sits still for the stories though, she prefers to go to the book boxes and bring me books. She has great choice:

(The Bookbug session is also responsible for my daughter being obsessed with the song Wind the Bobbin Up. We need to learn a new song!!)

I still find it amazing how she can content herself by surrounding herself with books.

What books do you recommend for toddlers?

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  1. Our two love books too, Heather used to love eating them as much as looking/being read to, although thankfully she's over that now, and Megan never really got into that habit.

    Megan's favourites are Meg and Mog, and a Minnie Mouse story that really isn't as amusing as it thinks it is.

    Heather told me last night that her favourite was Betty and the Yeti by Ella Burfoot, but she changes her mind regularly so take that with a pinch of salt.

    Both girls love Penguin by Polly Dunbar, which I think is me and Gem's favourite - it still makes me chuckle after several years of reading it!

    Don't know if you've visited it or not, but Read It Daddy! (http:// is a great site for recommending new books.


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