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I love a good book. I always have. My mum has always been a great reader, and my dad has a library of American Civil War history books. I think my love of stories started when my parents would read to us at bed time, great stories like Zeeb, Temper and Tantrum, Meg and Mog, and the Jonathan Mark books. When I got older I would spend my pocket money on a brand new book in Waterstones on a Saturday morning, and have it finished by the Sunday night. I would read it a couple more times before then next Saturday came around and I could buy a new one. My parents bought me a kindle this year, and though I don't get to read quite so much now, it's great to be able to just download a book at your leisure.

So I'm glad that the wee one has taken such a fancy to books and stories. My husband is not a great reader, but he likesto read to the wee one. She will grab a book, run over to us shouting "book" and stand there until you've read the story through. Then she'll shout (or cry) until you read it again. It's not just kids books though.  She loves to flick through my Ready Steady Toddler book, pointing out all the babies, and our Florida holiday brochure where she can shout "Minnie!" Every time she appears. 

We have a few great books, like The Gruffalo in Scots, which is the story done in the Scots language. It's so good, and I can now recite the full thing off by heart! Winnie the Pooh books are also favourites. But it's a book that we got in our Bookbug bag from the health visitor that's the favourite just now. It's called Little Mouse, and if we have to read it one more time I think I'll cry.  Today I'm going to rotate our books so we have some new stories. 

We attend the Bookbug session at the library on Thursdays, my mum takes the wee one when I'm working, and the leader reads two books then we sing some songs. The wee one never sits still for the stories though, she prefers to go to the book boxes and bring me books. She has great choice:

(The Bookbug session is also responsible for my daughter being obsessed with the song Wind the Bobbin Up. We need to learn a new song!!)

I still find it amazing how she can content herself by surrounding herself with books.

What books do you recommend for toddlers?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Gallery: Walks

This week the theme for The Gallery over on Sticky Fingers is WALKS.

I love walking. I could walk for miles if the scenery is lovely. My friend Jane and I were going for long walks round Strathclyde Park with our wee ones when we were both on maternity leave, but now that we're both back at work, (and the weather has been awful), we've not been able to get out as much.

A couple of weeks ago I was left with no car. My car was in the garage, and hubby had jetted off to work in his car, with the wee ones pram still in his boot. It was one of those rare days where we had a little bit of sunshine, so I thought I'd go a wee walk to the small park five minutes from our house. It would get us out of the house, and into the fresh air.

Cosy jacket and little sturdy trainers in place, reins strapped on, we were off! Reins really are the best invention ever. I think they should be a staple in any parents toolbox!

However, what's usually a five minute walk took over half an hour. Walking with a 14 month old, who doesn't want to be carried, is painstakingly slow. She wanted to stop at every crack in the pavement, every leaf, every twig, every person we passed she would stop to say "hiya". But it was the best walk I'd had in a while. My baby was discovering new things. Bending down to touch grass, picking up sticks, (though I had to divert her away from the dog poo!), having space to run without me having to chase after her.

On this walk, we discovered the swings. My dad loves swings, and when we were wee (and still even now that's we're not so wee), he would race my sister and I to the swings so he could get the first shot. Hopefully Sam will inherit our love of swings!

Why not check out the other posts over on the Sticky Fingers blog, or through #thegallery on Twitter!

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The Gallery: Red

It's been a long while since I took part in The Gallery, but since Red is one on mine, and the wee ones favourite colours I couldn't resist.

Red is a popular choice in my house, particularly because I'm not that fond of pink, which seems unavoidable in clothing choices for little girls.

The wee one has the most awesome red coat, which her Aunty Susan bought for her, and is so cosy and warm for this extended winter. The red balloon came from my cousins 21st birthday party at the weekend.

And, the most awesome red thing in the wee ones wardrobe?

Baby red Converse.

'Nuff said!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: ASDA Little Angels Nappies

*we received one pack of size 4 Little Angels nappies in exchange for an honest review*

I have a confession to make. I LOVE the Asda Little Angels range. We have used their baby wipes pretty much since the wee one was born, and their nappies are a regular stock item in our changing table. So, when we were asked to review the Little Angels Nappies, I couldn't say no!

We have tried a few different brands of nappies since the wee one was born. We were gifted a few packets of Pampers, which, once we ran down our stash, proved to be just a bit expensive, especially on a very reduced maternity leave wage! Other brands have not been kind to the wee ones skin, and have proved to be not so absorbent, and so we have flitted between a few supermarket brands, before settling with Little Angels.

They have been really great; Samantha has had no issues with nappy rash. They are super absorbent, even on the days when I wake up to a super stinky smell coming from the wee ones room (ahem, today) to find a massive stinky mess hiding in her nappy. (Seriously, how do babies do it? How can one little person store up so much poo?).

The nappies actually feel really really nice. They don't have that weird, plastic coating feeling that some supermarket brands have. But what I love most is that they're affordable. They're £5.97 for 44 nappies, or two packs (88 nappies) for £10. That's at least £2 cheaper than the big brand, and you're getting 10 more nappies to boot.

So, if you're looking for an affordable alternative to any of the bigger brand, I highly recommend Little Angels nappies. We love them!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

All Sewn Up!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I've been knitting a MacBook cover for a friend. Well, I finished it ages ago, and only got round to sewing it up today. So, here's the final result:

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