Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Memories

This Christmas is my little ones first Christmas. She's only 11 months, and probably won't know what's going on, but we want to start making memories that she can look back on when she's older.

It got me thinking about my own Christmas memories. Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, our family stayed at my grandparents house an hours drive away, from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. So here's some of my memories.

• Being wedged in the back seat of the car with my sister, bags, sleeping bags and stuff and still not figuring out how Santa got all our presents to my grans house.

• Looking out the car window and searching the skies for Santa's sleigh.

• Listening to Christmas CDs all the way there.

• Waking up to a stocking at the end of the bed with a Broons or Oor Wullie book and a clementine.

• The year Santa delivered my Game Biy to my own house instead of grans.

• Waiting on everyone else getting up before we could open any presents, specifically my Aunt Martha Ann.

• Arguing over why we had to go to church on Christmas Day when we went every Sunday.

• Asking for "just one chocolate" before lunch.

• Gran dishing up her soup and my Uncle John arriving just in time to get a bowl.

• The year I fell off my chair while pulling a cracker.

• The year it snowed so badly at home that we thought we weren't going to make it to grans, but half way along the motorway it was so clear and no snow in sight!

Im sure I have lots more that are hidden away in the back of my head.

What are your Christmas memories?

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