Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review: MAM Starter Cup

As you may know, we have had such trouble getting Samantha to take milk or water out of a bottle.  So when we got the chance to review MAM's starter cup, we thought, why not? We seem to have tried everything else.

The blurb: "Babies develop very quickly and truly enjoy discovering new things. Drinking will be practiced too. Switching from a baby bottle to a cup is a big step. That’s why MAM designers, in close cooperation with developmental specialists, have developed a cup that is perfectly tuned to the needs of small children: the MAM Starter Cup". 

MAM say their cup has been specially developed to meet the needs of very young children, from four months onwards.  It has a soft spout, and non-slip handles, and is BPA free.  It is on sale for £5.99.

What I like about this cup is that it has a valve that you can take out to make the cup a free flow spout, or place it in to make it non-drip.  I have kept the valve in, because Samantha prefers to suck the water out of her cup, as the flow is too fast for her other wise.  She does still have a preference to chew the spout though, but she does appear to be getting fluid from it.  The handles are great, it means she is learning to drink herself.  She likes to hold it, and wave it about (and with the valve in, it means I don't get soaked!)

I quite like the cup, it's small enough to fit in our bag, and I love the pattern on the front!  My only complaint so far is that when it's in the bag, and being jostled about, it appears to leak a little bit into the lid.  The lid is secure enough to prevent it leaking out into the bag, but it seems to pool in the lid a little bit.  This may be just that I'm not strong enough to tighten the lid well enough though.  For £5.99 it is a wee bit more expensive than I would normally want to pay, but it's so versatile, that it's worth it, and it is a sturdy wee thing.  It has so far survived being thrown against the wall, and on to a path in the park.  I'm surprised it's still in one piece!

It is a smart little cup, I like it a lot.  Samantha has taken well to it, she takes her water from it, but still refuses to take milk from it (sigh). 

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