Monday, 29 October 2012

Nine Months and a Bit

After nine and a bit months, our time breast feeding has come to an end. I'm really pleased to have been able to do it for so long, but I'm sad it's come to an end. Samantha had been sort of self weaning, going down to just morning and bed time feeds, but as I go back to work this week it was one to introduce the formula full time.

Samantha has adapted to the formula really well. After all the trouble we had early on trying to get her to take a bottle, and all the fancy brand name bottled we tried, she takes formula no bother from a Minnie Mouse bottle from the pound shop! She still tries to nuzzle in for the breast, and it's really hard for me to refuse her, but as I will be working 12 hour shifts it's not fair to her as she'll look for it when I'm not there.

Expressing has been a bit if a nightmare. i cant express more than 2oz a day, and thats really not enough to keep the wee one going while im at work. I really don't like the smell of formula milk. It gives me the boak! But she'll only be on it for another few months and then she can get cows milk.

I'm really going to miss breast feeding. I love the cuddles and the closeness, and that lovely good feeling rush when she's feeding. And I'm really going to miss the breast feeding group. I it wasn't for the group, I'm not sure in would have breastfed for this long. They're such a lovely, supportive bunch of ladies. In the early days they were my reason for leaving the house on a Friday morning!

So I'm sad. But in a way I'm glad she's taken to the bottle so well now. I just keep saying "no boobies" to her so often that I'm worried boobies will be her first proper word!


  1. Aww bless and well done to you for doing it so long x

  2. I am sure you are both happy and a bit sad to be stopping feeding. Hope going back to work goes well x


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